City seeks researcher, advisory committee for Equity Audit of Public Art & Memorials


Last updated 11/15/2022 at 5:46pm

The Pittsburgh Department of City Planning's Public History, Art and Design division is seeking a researcher and nominations for an advisory committee to aid in Phase 2 of the city's collection audit of monuments, memorials, and historical and modern art.

In 2020, the Department of City Planning launched an audit to identify inequity and bias within the city's permanent collection The city recognized an urgent need for a proactive approach to review its collection which has been formed over the past two centuries. The audit aims to examine works in its collection to identify objects that perpetuate inequitable or misrepresentative histories and determine representation gaps that will inform future public art programs.

Additionally, this audit is part of City Planning's work with the Center for Urban Pedagogy's (CUP) 2022 Design for Civic Change Cohort, a professional development program for government workers interested in community-engaged design methods. Their participation in this cohort will expand the city's methodologies for engagement to ensure that it is meaningful, equitable, and productive.

"Our ultimate goal is to create a public art program, and ultimately a city, that is welcoming and inclusive of all people," said Mayor Ed Gainey. "This collection audit will help us begin to dismantle biased systems that have resulted in public spaces and objects that are not representative of the broad range of lived experiences and perspectives throughout Pittsburgh."

The Advisory Committee will give perspectives and feedback on the audit process, define criteria to be used by the audit researcher, and review research findings to identify and/or confirm items for priority assessment. The audit researcher will be responsible for creating the research process and conducting review and analysis of the collection. Once selected, the committee and researcher will begin their work in early 2023.

Nominations for the Advisory Committee and the Application for the Audit Researcher opened on Monday, Nov. 14, and will remain open for four weeks. To learn more about the Collection Audit, nominate someone for the advisory committee, or find the application for the researcher position, visit the project's EngagePGH page:


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