Gainey administration to sever ties with ONE PGH Fund

Top administration officials resign from Board of Directors as city ends its role as fiscal agent with the Fund.


Last updated 7/19/2022 at 9:53am

Mayor Ed Gainey announced the administration is formally severing ties to the ONE PGH fund and the city will no longer be the fiscal agent to the not-for-profit organization.

The ONE PGH Fund was created to encourage cross sector collaboration to achieve improved community health, well-being, and civil resilience, and was a bold commitment to address some of the city's most complex challenges.

"It has become clear that our priorities were headed in a different direction," said Deputy Chief of Staff Felicity Williams. "And I am resigning my seat on the ONE PGH Fund board of directors."

The city is committed to ensuring the success of the contracts and programs already approved by ONE PGH. These include the $9,000 commitment to Allegheny Goatscape to provide vegetation management in the Hazlewood Greenway and the $60,000 to Landforce to provide trail maintenance and other landscape and forestry work in the Hazlewood Greenway.

Also resigning from the ONE PGH Fund Board is Senior Grants Officer Melanie Ondeck who is stepping down from her role as Secretary and Board Administrator.


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