Flagpole up and lighted, but sign is still lacking


Last updated 7/21/2022 at 10:25am

The flagpole at Mountain and Wagner streets, welcoming people to the Hilltop, is back up and lighted after being destroyed by a stolen car in 2019.

Once again, the American flag with proper lighting is flying at Mountain and Wagner. The Welcome Sign, including the flag pole and attending lighting, were completely destroyed in July 2019. This was as the result of an individual driving a stolen vehicle, crashing onto the site with such force that the protective boulders moved.

No one came forth to bear responsibility.

The community received no reimbursement and the Mt. Oliver City/St. Clair Community Group (MOCSTCG) searched for funds. The Hilltop Alliance and the Pittsburgh company Casper Colosimo & Son, Inc. ("CCSI") were able to help with funding to repair the flagpole and lighting.

The Hilltop Alliance provided money for a new flagpole. This was placed in February 2021. 

CCSI donated the cost of lighting. Allegheny City Electric installed the necessary fixtures in May 2022. CCSI recently performed work in the neighborhood and this is its goodwill contribution to the community. The MOCSTCG noted CCSI foreman Bob Rust and Theresa in CCSI's office were instrumental in helping the group with the repairs.


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