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Mt. Oliver Borough Department reports for August


September 28, 2021

Highlights from the department reports for Mt. Oliver Borough from the December department reports for the month of August 2021:

Public Safety

434 total calls for service for Mt. Oliver Police Department (MOPD)

Drug Arrests: There were a total of 27 drug arrests during August: 3 for marijuana; 3 for crack cocaine; 5 for heroin; 2 for meth; and, 7 pill/paraphernalia arrests.

DUI: There were no DUI arrests for the month.

Warrants: There were 6 warrant served by the MOPD.

Alarm Response: Police responded to 5 commercial alarms and 4 residential alarms for August.

Abandoned Vehicles: 5 vehicles were posted in August; 20 warnings were given; 3 vehicles were towed; 2 vehicles posted the prior month were towed in August; 4 vehicles posted in August were fixed or moved; and, 1 disposition posted in August was pending.

Parking Enforcement: Parking Enforcement wrote 77 borough tickets for the month; MOPD wrote 28 borough tags for the month; 39 state citations were issued for parking violations. A total of $665 was collected for payment of fines.

Evidence: All evidence and cases are being reviewed and destruction orders are being obtained for closed cases from the District Attorney's Office monthly.

Code Enforcement

Violations: 36 code violations were issued in August. There were 76 open cases from August and prior months.

Fines Collected: $600.00 was collected in fines.

Legal Actions: 8 hearing took place in front of District Magistrate Richard King.

Rental Licenses

Rental Licenses: 1 Rental License was issued. 36 Rental Applications were mailed out in August for 55 units expiring September 30.

Occupancy Permits: 1 Occupancy Permit was issued.

Building/Zoning Permits: 0 Building Permits were issued.

Miscellaneous: The demolition of 326 Onyx was completed.

Zoning Violations: 2 Zoning violations are open and pending:

1752 Arlington: Section 407(3)(A): No fence or wall shall be erected, replaced, or altered unless an application has been made and a permit issued by the Zoning Officer; and, Section 407-3(D)(4): Fences located in the front yard are limited to 4' in height and may not be more than 50 percent solid.

205 Quincy: Section 407-3(D)(4): Fences located in the front yard are limited to 4' in height and may not be more than 50 percent solid.

Public Works

Borough Building: Routine facility maintenance at the Borough Building. Replaced toilet.

Trash/Debris: Emptied trash cans/spot swept 3x per week in the Business District. Picked up tires, TVs and debris around the borough. Detailed Charles, Goldbach, Middle, John, 300-500 blocks of Brownsville, 400 block of Hays.

Traffic/Signs: Installed Do No Exit sign for Family Dollar parking lot. Coordinated with City of Pittsburgh to repair traffic light at Brownsville and Arlington.

Road Maintenance: Responded to 40 PA 1 Calls during August. Patched pot holes on around borough.

Park Maintenance: Emptied trash cans/spot sweep 3x per week. Cut grass/weed wacked in Transverse and Ormsby parks. Cleaned restrooms at Field House.

Tree / Right of Way Maintenance: Removed a fallen tree on Park Road.

Grass Maintenance: Performed grass maintenance on following properties: 1610, 1738, 1780, 1784, 1790 Arlington; 346 Anthony; 725 Brownsville; 111, 122, 129 Frederick; 117, 125, 127 Fremont; 131 Koehler; 110 Locust; 139, 200 Stamm; 111 Sherman, 156, 165, 167, 193-195, 201, 206, 212, 226 Penn; 121, 125, 177 St. Joseph; 258 Church; 404, 453-455 Hays; 507, 509 Hervey; 513 Louisa; 184, 191, 193, 195, 197, 199, 201 Ormsby; 522 Ottillia; 528 Giffin; 212 Onyx; 301 Quincy; 98, 200 Rustic (98 Rustic is overgrown with poison ivy, will be removed from the list moving forward); and, 910 Transverse.

Sanitary/Storm Sewer Maintenance: Performed 4 dye tests during August. Cleaned inlets around the borough. Responded to sewer back-up at 107 Penn, determined to be a private issue.

Staffing Summary: 2 full-time, 1 part-time/last day was August 20. 56 hours PTO/vacations for August. 14 hours OT/call-outs for August.


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