Mount Oliver Borough Department reports for April


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Highlights from the department reports for Mt. Oliver Borough from the December department reports for April 2021:

Public Safety

464 total calls for service for Mt. Oliver Police Department (MOPD)

Drug Arrests: There was a total of 34 drug arrests during April: 13 for marijuana; 4 for crack cocaine; 8 for heroin; 1 for meth; and, 8 pill/paraphernalia arrests.

DUI: There were 2 DUI arrests for the month.

Warrants: There were 3 warrants served by the MOPD.

Alarm Response: Police responded to 2 commercial alarms and 1 residential alarm for April.

Abandoned Vehicles: 6 vehicles were posted in April; 22 warnings were given; 3 vehicles were towed; 1 vehicle posted the prior month was towed in April; 5 vehicles posted in April were fixed or moved; and, 3 dispositions posted in April are pending.

Parking Enforcement: Parking Enforcement wrote 114 borough tickets for the month; MOPD wrote 21 borough tags for the month; 50 state citations were issued for parking violations. A total of $885 was collected for payment of fines.

Nuisance Properties: A property in the 200 block of Amanda Avenue was added to the nuisance property list due to excessive calls and several citations written to the residents while on the calls. Several additional calls occurred in April; a letter will be sent to the property owner.

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair: Total miles on all vehicles for the month is 3,179.

Firearms: Firearms qualification is scheduled to begin in July.

Code Enforcement

Violations: 112 code violations were issued in April. There were 79 open cases from April and prior months.

Fines Collected: $5,750 was collected in fines.

Legal Actions: 20 hearings took place in front of District Magistrate Richard King.

Rental Licenses

Rental Licenses: 34 Rental Licenses were issued for 67 units. 30 Rental Applications were mailed out in April for units expiring May 31.

Occupancy Permits: 5 Occupancy Permits were issued: 113 John Street, Single-Family Residential; 210 Locust Street, Multi-Family Residential; 660 Margaret Street, Single-Family Residential; 217 Quincy Avenue, Single-Family Residential; and, 181 St. Joseph Street, Single-Family Residential;

Building/Zoning Permits: 1 Building Permit was issued: 154 Penn Avenue: Demolish detached garage. 1 Zoning Permit was issued: 614 Ottillia Street: Install shed.

Miscellaneous: Mailed demolition notices to the owners of 165 and 167 Penn Avenue. The properties were destroyed by fire and are a public health and safety hazard.

Zoning Violations: 3 Zoning violations are open and pending:

1752 Arlington: Section 407(3)(A): No fence or wall shall be erected, replaced, or altered unless an application has been made and a permit issued by the Zoning Officer; and, Section 407-3(D)(4): Fences located in the front yard are limited to 4' in height and may not be more than 50 percent solid.

331 Jacob Street: Section 401(1)(B)(3): Pools shall be permitted in the side and rear yards only and shall be set back 10 feet from all lot lines; and, Section 1101(1)(B): A zoning permit shall be required prior to the erection, addition or alteration of any fence or accessory structure.

205 Quincy: Section 407-3(D)(4): Fences located in the front yard are limited to 4' in height and may not be more than 50 percent solid.

Public Works

Borough Building: Routine facility maintenance at the Borough Building.

Trash/Debris: Emptied trash cans/spot swept 3x per week in the Business District. Picked up tires, TVs and debris around the borough.

Road Maintenance: Responded to 66 PA 1 Calls during April.

Detailed according to the street detail schedule:

Weekly: Brownsville, Middle, Charles, Goldback, Hays (Margaret to Brownsville), Margaret (Brownsville to Hays), William, Bertha, and Anthony (Ormsby to Walter).

Every two weeks: Amanda, Arlington (Amanda to Brownsville), John, Locust, Stamm, Sherman, Walnut (Brownsville to Locust), Church (Anthony to Walter), Walter, Carl, Mary, and Louisa (Ormsby to Margaret).

Every three weeks: Moye, Koehler, Fremont, Frederick, Walnut (Locust to Frederick), Penn, St. John and School.

Patched pot holes on Hays, Ormsby, Stamm, Walnut, Fulton, Giffin and Quincy.

Park Maintenance: Emptied trash cans/spot sweep 3x per week. Cut grass/weed wacked in Transverse and Ormsby parks.

Tree / Right of Way Maintenance: Removed fallen tree in Transverse Park.

Sanitary/Storm Sewer Maintenance: Performed 4 dye tests during April. Cleaned inlets around the borough. Responded to illicit discharges at 208 Brownsville Road and 211 Onyx Avenue; Both violations have been abated. Responded to back-up at 450 Walter: Checked sewers and the issue is on property owner's side.

Vehicles and Equipment: Washed dump beds to remove salt buildup: Serviced snow blowers and put away for season. Serviced tractors and lawn equipment in preparation for use. As of March 31, all vehicles are in service.

Snow Removal: Returned last load of salt; Removed spreaders from trucks.


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