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Why in Mt. Oliver?


Last updated 5/13/2021 at 10:39am

We agreed, collectively, that the taxpayers of Mt. Oliver Borough and all residents should be made aware of the following issue:

The transfer of the liquor license to 104 Brownsville Road. This 104 location has been nothing but a nuisance bar for the last 15-20 years. The previous owner did everything imaginable to operate a respectable business. After numerous disruptions by the clientele, which came from all over the Hilltop and other areas of the city, the owner closed its door, out of business!

We urge all residents, to call county, state and district representative and object to this transfer for 3 Rivers Beer who are from Philadelphia, PA. Our question is why here? Why not some other part of the city, the more affluent neighborhoods not just Mt. Oliver and Hamilton Avenue in Homewood.

It’s not the question of the filling of an empty storefront, but filling it with a potential problem, which the borough certainly does not need. Our police department and fire department are doing their best to maintain a safe environment.

Councilman Paul Doyl

Councilman Nicholas Viglione

Councilman Francis Heckmann

Mayor Frank Bernardini


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