Abandoned vehicles on the Hilltop are the object of police towing blitz


Last updated 5/6/2021 at 8:14am

The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police launched a blitz on April 27 to remove abandoned vehicles from city streets, beginning in the Hilltop neighborhoods of Allentown, Beltzhoover, Carrick, Arlington Heights and Knoxville.

Police initially investigated 124 complaints to the city's 3-1-1 system for abandoned vehicles in these neighborhoods. Eight of those were cleared as being repeat or multiple complaints.

Through the efforts of Motorcycle Units and Abandoned Vehicle Officers from multiple police zones, a total of 116 complaints were addressed, which resulted in:

• 17 vehicles towed

• 15 registered letters that will be sent for vehicles that met the criteria for towing as abandoned, but not more than 90 days expired, which can be towed immediately.

• 84 of the 3-1-1 complaints were cleared either because the vehicle had already been removed, or was legally registered.

During the blitz, police towed a vehicle on Climax Street at Gearing Avenue that, while it did not meet the criteria of an abandoned vehicle, was parked in such a manner that it posed a safety hazard.

Police are identifying the next target neighborhood for abandoned vehicles, with a tentative removal blitz planned for mid-May.


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