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County's new vaccination registration website now available to the public


Last updated 4/8/2021 at 8:09am

Allegheny County Health Department's new Vaccine Registration site is now open to the public.

Individuals seeking vaccine appointments may register online at for available events. The Health Department began a soft launch of the system earlier this week, using it internally for this week's clinics.

On March 31, 2021, the PA Department of Health announced an updated vaccine rollout timeline. Currently, everyone in Phase 1A and the following four categories – law enforcement, firefighters, grocery store workers, and food and agriculture workers – are eligible for vaccination and may schedule for available appointments. Beginning on April 5, everyone in Phase 1B is eligible for vaccination and may begin scheduling. Scheduling for individuals in Phase 1C will begin April 12 and on April 19, everyone will be eligible to make appointments for vaccination.

Visitors to the site will have four options to choose from: schedule first dose, schedule second dose, reschedule appointment, and cancel appointment. If choosing "schedule first dose," the user will answer four questions, three of which are used to gauge whether they are eligible for vaccination before completing health screening questions. If the user is currently eligible for vaccination, and appointments are available, the next step will be to select an appointment.

Individuals who are not eligible yet, or for whom appointments are not available, will be invited to pre-register. Users who have pre-registered will be notified via email or text, as selected by them, when they are eligible for vaccination and appointments are available. Individuals who are pre-registered will be given priority to schedule an appointment for 48 hours before remaining appointments will be opened to the general public.

Throughout this week, individuals who received the first dose in the vaccine series were scheduled for their second dose appointment. This will be the process moving forward. The site allows users to reschedule or cancel their appointment as well. Users should keep their vaccine appointment number to manage their appointment.

Individuals who previously received their first dose from the Health Department and have not yet scheduled their second dose appointment will be emailed a first dose appointment number which is necessary for scheduling. Users may select the "schedule second dose" option and, after providing confirming information including the appointment number, may schedule themselves in any clinic for which they are eligible.

Anyone not having received that email, or not having email, can call 2-1-1 for assistance in scheduling daily from 9 AM to Noon, beginning tomorrow, April 2, 2021. Callers should select option # 1 for COVID calls, and then select option # 2 for second dose appointments. PA 2-1-1 Southwest will also continue to assist in scheduling first dose appointments for those who do not have internet access or have difficulty navigating the site. If callers are not eligible for vaccination or there are no appointments available, resource navigators can also pre-register callers.

The Allegheny County Vaccine Registration site allows for scheduling of appointments, pre-registration, and also provides automatic reminders and confirmations by email or text. It was developed under the leadership of the Health Department, Information Technology, and County Stats. Deployed by MTX Vaccine Solution, it uses a Sales Force platform. MTX has partnered with 24 states for vaccine distribution and logistics. The site can schedule up to 50,000 appointments every hour and can handle up to 4 million page views per hour.


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