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Mt. Oliver Borough Departmental Reports


Last updated 2/25/2021 at 3:02pm

Highlights from the department reports for Mt. Oliver Borough from the December department reports for January 2021:

Public Safety

• 495 total calls for service including: 33 drug arrests for the seizure of marijuana, crack cocaine, heroin and drug paraphernalia (13 marijuana arrests, five crack cocaine arrests, four heroin arrest, and 11 pill/paraphernalia arrests).

• K9 Units were uses 23 times in January for 17 targeted patrols, five Park & Walks and one arrest.

• MOPD served five arrest warrants and three search warrants in January.

• Officers responded to nine commercial alarms and four residential alarms during the month.

Abandoned Vehicles

• 15 vehicles were posted in January, 18 warnings were given and one vehicle was towed.

• 12 vehicles posted during the month were fixed or moved and five dispositions posted in January are pending.

Parking Enforcement

• Parking Enforcement wrote 76 Borough tickets in January.

• MOPD issued 51 Borough tickets and 15 State citations during the month.

• A total of $1,080 was collected for payment of fines.

Nuisance Property

• A property in the 200 block of Amanda Avenue was added to the nuisance property list due to excessive calls and several citations written to the residents while on calls. A letter was to be sent to the property owner.

MOPD Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

• Total miles for all vehicles for January was 3,674.


• CPR/First Aid training was conducted on February 3 and all officers are up to date.

Code Enforcement

• There were 30 violations during January and 30 open cases from January and prior months. The majority of the cases are pending legal filings waiting to be heard.

• $100 in fines was collected for the month.

• No hearings were held in January before District Magistrate Richard King. The District Magistrate's office was closed due to a spike in COVID-19 cases. All cases were postponed until February.

• There were 42 Rental Licenses issued for 62 units. 54 Rental Applications for 86 units were sent out for licenses expiring in February

• Five Occupancy Permits were issued in January: 108 Fulton, Single-Family, Residential; 209 Giffin, Multi-Family, Residential; 517 Giffin, Single-Family, Residential; 456-458 Hays, Multi-Family, Residential; 201-203 Locust, Multi-Family, Residential.

• One Building Permit was issued to 107 Penn for electrical work.

• Two Zoning violations were open and pending: 1752 Arlington: Section 407(3)(A): No fence or wall shall be erected, replaced or altered unless an application has been made and a permit issued by the Zoning Officer and Section 407(D)(4): Fences located in the front yard are limited to four feet in height and may not be more that 50% solid; 205 Quincy: Section 407-3(D)(4): Fences located in the front yard are limited to four feet in height and may not be more than 50% solid.

Public Works

• The Mt. Oliver Public Works Department (MOPWD) provided routine maintenance at the Borough Building; Installed new police lockers; Repaired the lock on the garage door; and, replaced a camera in the hallway.

• Emptied trash cans and performed spot sweeping three times a week in the Business District. Department members also picked up TVs, tires and debris in the Borough.

• MOPWD replaced a Stop Sign at Walter and Church and repaired a Stop Sign at Giffin and Transverse.

• The Department responded to 28 PA-1 calls during January.

• Detailed streets according to the new street detail schedule:

Weekly: Brownsville, Middle, Charles, Goldback, Hays (Margaret to Brownsville), Margaret (Brownsville to Hays), William, Bertha, and Anthony (Ormsby to Walter).

Every two weeks: Amanda, Arlington (Amanda to Brownsville), John, Locust, Stamm, Sherman, Walnut (Brownsville to Locust), Church (Anthony to Walter), Walter, Carl, Mary, and Louisa (Ormsby to Margaret).

Every three weeks: Moye, Koehler, Fremont, Frederick, Walnut (Locust to Frederick), Penn, St. John and School.

• MOPWD patched pot holes on Ormsby, Penn, St. Joseph, Louisa and Quincy.

• Park trash cans were emptied and spot sweeping was performed twice a week.

• A fallen tree was removed on Brownsville Road.

• The Department performed five dye tests during January and cleaned inlets around the Borough.

• MOPWD continued to coordinate with property management agency and the Allegheny County Health Department to abate an illicit discharge at 125 Margaret Street.

• Crew members salted streets and sidewalks on: Jan. 1, 2 @ 4 hours; Jan. 18, 2 @ 8 hours; Jan. 25, 2 @ 4 hours; and, Jan. 31, 2 @ 15 hours. Total hours for snow removal in January was 62.

• Public Works Supervisor also reported street lights out around Borough to Duquesne Light.

• The Department took down Christmas decorations along Brownsville Road.


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