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Mt. Oliver Boro monthly updates


Last updated 11/4/2020 at 10pm

The October meeting of the Mt. Oliver Borough Council meeting began with a series of approvals to authorize payments.

Payments included:

$4,248.90 to Michael Facchiano for additional paving work on Anthony Street.

$7,779.00 also to Michael Facchiano for additional work on Overhill Street.

Payments of $52,293.00 and $121,964.50 to A. Folino for work completed between September 8 and September 25 and September 28 and October 10 as part of the $370,000 Brownsville Road Sidewalk Project.

In addition, the council approved a motion to approve a contract with Arch Masonry and Restoration in the amount of $51,563.00 for repairs to the Borough Building façade.

Jacob Alex and Matthew Toney were promoted to Police sergeants in the borough and Stephen Beers was hired as a full-time police officer

The council also approved motions to adopt resolutions to adopt contracts for the chief of police and the borough manager.

In other business, council members decided to paint yellow lines on either side of 717 Brownsville Road and put up "No Parking" signs to allow trucks from the business to get into and out of the property without being blocked.

At last month's Council Meeting, the business owner had requested a loading zone to allow space to get his vehicles into and out of the building.

Council members also discussed purchasing speed monitoring equipment to use on borough streets. The equipment would also be able to keep track of car counts to monitor traffic.

Police Chief Matt Juzwick said although the equipment can display the speed to the motorists, although he recommended that feature be turned off so people don't try to see how fast they can go.

Borough Manager Rick Hopkinson told the council if the equipment is a priority, he would act on it. If they are interested, he would look to put it in the 2021 budget. It's expected the monitoring equipment will cost approximately $2,000.

In the written Public Safety report:

• There were 504 total calls for service.

• The Mt. Oliver Police made a total of 52 drug arrests during September for the seizure of marijuana, crack cocaine, heroin and drug paraphernalia: 13 marijuana arrests; 12 crack cocaine arrests; 11 heroin arrests; and, 16 pill paraphernalia arrests.

• There was one DUI arrest during September.

• The K9 unit was used 25 times during September: 10 targeted patrols; four arrests; eight park-and-walks; and, three search warrants/drug searches.

• The Mt. Oliver Police Department served four warrants.

• Police responded to five commercial alarms and seven residential alarms.

• Four abandoned vehicles were posted; 10 warnings given; and, two vehicles towed.

• Parking enforcement wrote 135 tickets and borough police wrote 32 tickets for the month.

• There were 28 state citations also issued for parking violations.

• A total of $1,110 was collected for payment of fines.

• Two properties were added to the Nuisance Property List: One on Quincy Avenue due to excessive calls and several citations written to the residents while on the calls; and, one on Amanda Avenue due to excessive calls and several citations written to the residents while on the calls.

In the written Code Enforcement report:

• There were 58 code violations in September and 34 open cases from the current and prior months.

• Fines collected totaled $183.62.

• There were 15 code hearings in front of District Magisterial Judge Richard King.18 Rental Licenses were issued for 33 units and 38 Rental Applications were sent out for 99 units expiring on October 31.

• Four occupancy permits were issued: Three for single-family, residential and one for multi-family, residential.

• A building permit was issued to 407 Brownsville Road to install a commercial communication antenna array on the roof.

• A Zoning permit was issued to 421 Hays Avenue to replace an existing fence along the side and rear of the property.

• There are three zoning violations open and pending:

1752 Arlington Avenue for Section 407(3)(A): No fence or wall shall be erected, replace or altered unless an application has been made and a permit issued; and Section 407-3(D)(4): Fences located in the front yard are limited to 4' in height and may not be more than 50% solid.

219 Giffin Avenue: Section 407(3)(A): No fence or wall shall be erected, replaced or altered unless an application has been made and a permit issued.

205 Quincy Avenue: Section 407-3(D)(4): Fences located in the fornt yard are limited to 4' in height and may not be more than 50% solid.

In the written Public Works report:

• The department performed routine maintenance including: emptying trash, cleaning and sweeping and re-stocking supplies.

• Replaced a "One Way" sign on Middle Way.

• Coordinated reinstallation of Signs on decorative light poles following painting.

• Responded to 23 PA 1 Calls in September.

• Performed grass maintenance on vacant properties in the borough.

• Performed four dye tests during September.

• Cleaned inlets around the borough and coordinated emergency repair of storm sewer line on Elizabeth.

• The SHACOG Sewer Vac and Camera truck was in the borough the week of September 27; Performed preventative maintenance televising and cleaning.

• Investigated an illicit discharge on Margaret Street; Coordinated with property management company and plumber.


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