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By Tom Smith
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Boro council approves liquor license transfer for Indian restaurant, store


Last updated 10/22/2020 at 10:02am

The Mt. Oliver Borough Council held a public hearing concerning the transfer of a liquor license into the borough, the second in recent months.

Attorney Charles Caputo, representing Fat Friday LLC, came before the council with owner Ravi Singh last week to explain what type of alcohol serving business was proposed and how they would operate.

The business would operate as Brownsville Beer and Convenience and would offer Indian food prepared at Mr. Singh’s restaurant, All India, in Oakland. Although there will be seating for 30 in the restaurant, Mr. Caputo said they expect most of their alcohol sales will be in take-out beer.

He added that with the liquor license, they would be permitted to sell liquor and wine in addition to beer, but had no plans to sell take out drinks or wine.

In addition, the store will sell other convenience store items such as cigarettes, candy and lottery tickets.

The address of the business will be 220 Brownsville Road, units 222-224. Initial hours will be from 10 a.m.-midnight Monday through Saturday and 9 a.m.-9 p.m. on Sunday. There will be no outdoor seating or entertainment.

Mr. Caputo said they expect to have four employees in the beginning.

He said he didn’t note any nearby churches or schools that would pose a problem with the PLCB in the transfer of the liquor license from a closed Munhall bar.

Although plans call for bringing prepared food from their restaurant to sell in Mt. Oliver, Mr. Caputo said they will still have to go through the Allegheny County Health Dept. permitting process.

Borough Manager Rick Hopkinson wanted to make sure they knew about the borough’s building code requirements including submitting architectural drawing of their interior build-out. Several council members also wanted the fire department to review the plans to make sure it would be up to fire code.

With a limited number of businesses open at night along Brownsville Road, Mr. Singh was questioned whether he would have security at the business. He said their plans call for cameras and an alarm, but not for a security guard.

Mayor Frank Bernardini recommended they have a security guard, at least on Friday and Saturday nights. He said many of the borough’s problems come from transients who don’t live in the borough.

Mr. Singh was also questioned about how often he would have trash pick-up. There were concerns that if it wasn’t collected often enough, it could draw rodents.

He answered that at their Oakland restaurant, trash is collected three times a week, every-other-day.

After hearing testimony, Council President Amber McGough called for a vote. The motion passed 6-0 to allow the liquor license transfer into the borough with Councilman Nick Viglione absent.

Before Brownsville Beer and Convenience can open, the transfer will have to be approved by the PLCB and they will have to go through the Health Department permitting process. The build-out for the business is expected to take about 30 days.


Reader Comments(1)

tolate writes:

Great MT Oliver goes from the frying pan to the fire with this move. Another great decision like a parking lot for no businesses, or new side walks for no people. Or how about movies in the middle of the street. New management needed desperately.


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