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By Tom Smith
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Mt. Oliver Borough updates from council


Last updated 9/30/2020 at 8:11pm

The Mt. Oliver Borough Council opened its September meeting, in the Mt. Oliver Fire Hall for social distancing requirements, by approving payments to a variety of contractors for work completed in the borough.

Among the payments approved were: $24,684.81 to State Pipe Services for the 2019 SHACOG O&M CCTV contract; $45,657.60 to State Pipe Services for the 2019 SHACOG O&M excavation repairs contract; $14,780 also to State Pipe Services for the 2019 SHACOG O&M spot lining; and, $66,024.29 to Lisanti Painting Company for decorative light pole painting.

The council also approved a motion to request a credit limit increase on the police credit card from $1,500 to $4,000. Borough Manager Rick Hopkinson said the increase was needed so the ability of the police to make purchases online wouldn't be hampered. With the pandemic, the police have been making more purchases online and one major purchase, such as the recent purchase of a new computer for one of the patrol cars, would reduce the available credit amount to where other purchases may not be possible.

Council also adopted Ordinance 987 amending Permit Parking Requirements and IPMC Language which would allow the borough to charge a fee for parking in the Middle Way parking lot.

Resolution 823-20, authorizing a donation agreement for 191 Ormsby Avenue was approved. The property is adjacent to Ormsby Park. Mr. Hopkinson said the borough already owns one vacant property next to the park and the additional property could be used as green space or to possibly expand the park.

Under Old Business, a discussion continued concerning the angle of parking in the recently renovated Middle Way Parking Lot. At last month's meeting, a resident complained he wasn't able to park his extended cab truck in the lot without blocking the street.

Mr. Hopkingson explained there were three options: Change the angle of the parking space, which would result in the loss of two parking spaces; take out the bumpers, allowing vehicles to pull forward further; or, do nothing.

Police Chief Matt Juzwick said even with an extend cab truck in one of the parking spaces there is still enough room for vehicles to pass. After discussion, the council decided there was no action needed at this time and would leave the parking lot unaltered.

Although not part of the discussion at the council meeting, a variety of reports were available. Highlights from those reports include:

Code Enforcement

• There were 36 code violations for August and 33 open cases from August and prior months.

• $341.81 was collected in fines.

• There were 15 hearings in front of District Magistrate Richard King

• 27 Rental Licenses were issued for 40 units and 44 Rental Applications were mailed out for 73 units expiring in September.

• Three occupancy permits were issued: Two for multi-family, residential and one for single-family residential.

• One building permit was issued to repair shed, siding and ceiling and electrical (post-fire).

The 2020 Demolition Program is underway and includes: 326 Anthony, pending asbestos abatement; 48 Elizabeth, in progress; 132 Fremont; complete; and, 404 Hays, pending asbestos abatement.

Public Works

• facility maintenance.

• Installed new cameras on Borough Building.

• Emptied trash cans and did spot sweeping three times a week in the Business District.

• Responded to illegal dumping on Walter.

• Removed a handicap parking sign in the 500 block of Transverse and signs on decorative light poles to prepare for painting.

• Responded to 38 PA1 calls during August.

• Performed grass maintenance on 43 vacant lots.

Public Safety

• 588 total calls for service.

• 37 drug arrests during August: Eight marijuana arrests; five crack cocaine arrests; four heroin arrests; and, 20 pill/paraphernalia arrests.

• Two DUI arrests

• K9 Unit was used 28 times: nine for targeted patrols; one arrest; seven park and walks; and, one search warrant/drug search.

• There were two warrants served by the Mt. Oliver Police Department.

• Responded to four commercial alarms and 12 residential alarms.

• Abandoned vehicles in August: Two vehicles posted; seven warnings given; one vehicle towed; three vehicles posted in July and towed; 14 vehicles posted were fixed or moved; and, four dispositions posted are pending.

• Parking Enforcement wrote 110 Borough tags and the police department wrote 40 Borough tags.

• 35 State citations were issued for parking violations.

• $1,445 was collected for payment of fines.

• Two properties were added to the Nuisance Property List: A property in the 300 block of Quincy and one in the 200 block of Amanda were added due to excessive calls and several written citations written to the residents while on the calls.

The next Mt. Oliver Borough Council meeting will be on October 19.


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