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County COVID Field Response Team will begin visiting businesses


Last updated 7/23/2020 at 8:59pm

Allegheny County has created a COVID Field Response Team which will begin its work July 23.

Consisting of 10 team members who are contracting with the county, the COVID Field Response Team (COVID-FRT) will visit businesses in the community, check to see if establishments are following business safety precautions including the state's universal masking order, recent orders regarding bars and restaurants, occupancy restrictions and physical distancing requirements

During each visit, team members will complete a checklist during their visit and provide a copy of that checklist and education materials to management on site. The business' name, date of the visit and a copy of the checklist will be posted to the county's website so the public can see which businesses are working hard to keep everyone safe.

The site will be accessible through the county's COVID-19 page ( and will be active beginning July 23, although the first checklists are not expected to be published until July 24.

Team members will initially visit bars and restaurants identified through resident complaints made to the department. If a team member finds a bar or restaurant not following all of the required COVID-19 safety measures, the Health Department's Food Safety Program will be notified.

An inspector from the Food Safety Program will be sent out to do an inspection with violations potentially resulting in the facility being shut down. Inspections by the program will be posted on the Health Department's website along with all other inspection reports.

At bars and restaurants, COVID-FRT members will check for: Tables spaced far enough apart to allow for physical distancing; Indoor occupancy capped at 25%; Staff and customers wearing masks; No bar seating and no smoking; Dine-in service ending at 11 p.m .; and Signs reminding customers of the safety precautions.

The COVID-FRT is focusing on ensuring that businesses are following the rules. The team will also be providing management teams with materials and resources they need to operate safely.

Complaints regarding establishments which are violating the Health Department order may be sent to the department through the Allegheny County Support Center webform ( select Request a Service, then Health Department to begin) or by calling the Information Center at 412-350-INFO (412-350-4636).


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