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2020 Pittsburgh Paving Program gets under way

South Pittsburgh streets on schedule


Last updated 5/20/2020 at 9:53pm

The City of Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure is excited to announce the 2020 Paving Season. Street resurfacing work is scheduled all over the City.

This year the City is investing nearly $15.7 million in the street resurfacing program, which supports asphalt street resurfacing, ADA curb ramp upgrades on paved streets, and repair of concrete, brick and block stone streets throughout the Pittsburgh.

Roughly 27 miles of streets will be resurfaced this year. Additional mileage will be resurfaced through cooperation agreements with local public utilities. Mechanical patching will improve many miles more by addressing particular trouble spots on otherwise acceptable street corridors.

Work is expected to begin this week, for weekly updates check the Paving Schedule at and follow them on twitter @pghdomi for updates.

As many residents are staying indoors and sheltering in place, the city is making an extra effort to notify residents to move their vehicles to enable street resurfacing to proceed. Streets scheduled for upcoming paving are posted on the DOMI website and will be publicized through city social media channels.

Residents who have registered to receive telephone alerts from the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority will receive robocalls if their street is to be paved the following week Residents can sign up for alerts at or by calling 412-255-2423. Paving crews will be placing fliers on vehicle windshields 48 hours in advance.

In South Pittsburgh, streets will be worked on in the following neighborhoods, and their planned start date, if available:


Cedarhurst Street, from Ibis Way to Beltzhoover Avenue, Thursday, May21

Ceres Way, from Beltzhoover Avenue to Dead End, Thursday, May21

Roanoke Street, from Arlington Avenue to Dead End


Goldbach Street, from Wiese Street to Spring Street, Tuesday, May 26

Devlin Street, from Felmeth Street to Syrian, Tuesday, May 26

Topeka Street, from Flack Street to Emil Way, Tuesday, May 26


Blanco Way, from Sylvania Avenue to Climax Street, Friday, May 29

Cleo Street, from Michigan Street to Dead End, Friday, May 29

Bon Air

Bon Air Avenue, from Conniston Avenue to Camfield Street


Almont Avenue, from Valera Avenue to Overbrook Blvd.

Brownsville Road, from Overbrook Blvd. to Clifton Road

Lunar Way, from Meredith Street to South Way

Duquesne Heights

Wyola Street, from Well Street to To Dead End


Dove Way, from Ibis Way to Brick Way, Friday, May 29

Georgia Avenue, from Rentz Way to Lillian Way, Friday, May 29

Georgia Avenue, from Rentz Way to To Dead End

Ibis Way, from Bausman Street to Charles Street, Thursday, May 28

Ibis Way, from Marland Street to Bausman Street, Thursday, May 28

Rentz Way, from Beltzhoover Avenue to Amanda Street, Thursday, May 28

Rochelle Street, from Knox Ave to Georgia Avenue, Wednesday, May 27

Romeyn Street, from Bausman Street to Unnamed Way, Wednesday, May 27

Zara Street, from Georgia Avenue to Amanda Street, Wednesday, May 27

Mt. Oliver City

Cathedral Avenue, from Ottillia Street to Farina Way, Tuesday, May 26

Poco Way, from Dead End to Raton St, Tuesday, May 26

Raton Way, from Poco Way to Street Joseph Street, Tuesday, May 26

Mt. Washington

Amabell Street, from Virginia Ave to W Sycamore St

Amabell Street, from W Sycamore Street to Grandview Ave

Cowan Street, from Greenbush Street to Prospect St

Ebbs Way, from Merimac Street to Bertha St

Estella Street, from 332 Kambach Street to Dead End

Lowen Street, from Belonda Street to Grace St

Shaler Street, from Woodville Ave to Wabash St

W. Sycamore Street, from Bingham Street to Ulysses St


Dartmore Street, from Saw Mill Run Blvd. to Engler Street

Frigate Way, from Queenston to Yale Drive

Horning Street, from Mullooly Street to Mullooly Street

Thames Place, from Frigate Way to Fairland Street

Thames Way, from Lucina Avenue to Walton Avenue

South Side Flats

24th Street, from Harcum Street to Josephine Street, Tuesday, May 26

27th Street, from Carson Street to Sarah Street, Tuesday, May 26

Cunliffe Way, from Sarah Street to To Dead End, Tuesday, May 26

Enon Way, from Sarah Street to Breed Street, Tuesday, May 26

Freyburg Street, from 10th Street to 12th Street

Muriel Street, Mechanical Path from 16th to 10th

South Side Slopes

Angelo Street, from Street Thomas to Mt. Oliver Street

Brosville Street, from Pius Street to Monastery Avenue

Monastery Street, from Brosville Street to Monastery Avenue


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