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Last updated 5/26/2020 at 8:20pm

It was sometime ago when you asked your readers to be in touch with you to let you know what The South Pittsburgh Reporter meant to them. I remember talking to you about this and you said "Why don't you drop me a line."

It nagged at me because I had not responded. Well, it has taken a pandemic wherein I am stretching time, reflecting on life and what it brings, (as one might do in quiet moments) and your request came to mind. I felt like a slacker for not getting back to you. It was, to me, a simple yet thoughtful request.

As far back as I can remember there has always been a local newspaper on the Hilltop. The Hilltop Record being the first for me. I lived away from Pittsburgh from the late 60s to 2004 but returned often as my parents were living here as was a good portion of my large family.

It was comforting to return home as it seemed much remained the same. When you travelled from the airport, passed the Liberty Tubes, made the left turn onto Bausman Street – it was a familiar ride. After a few minutes, the tangled maze of an intersection came into view and you felt the timeless huge St. Clair Bank building on the right. Soon you would hear the unique sound of your car tires hitting the red brick and cobblestone streets. You were home.

It is the same with your newspaper – a sense of the familiar through the decades. You saw issues in the shoe repair, the hardware store, the shops, the markets, the banks, the churches and, of course, there was one in everybody's house – always checking to see what made print in The Reporter. You were home.

Your South Pittsburgh Reporter represents hometown to me - - a sense of familiarity - - stability in peaceful and turbulent times.

Now, I wonder what the coming generations will describe what comprises their hometown and what it means to them. I wonder if there will be something with which to compare The South Pittsburgh Reporter should you close the doors.

It is disappointing The Reporter (even though it is on line) is not always available to pick up and hold in your hand. It is a letdown when you hear "Not today, maybe next week," when you ask on a Tuesday, "Has The Reporter been delivered yet?".

When I mentioned your request to a friend of mine the first comment was "The Reporter is like my Bible – what is printed is true and informative and I sure depend on it". Me too.

Tom, should you turn out the lights, The Reporter is in good company as many of America's newspapers (big and small) have been forced to do the same. And sorry to say – The South Pittsburgh Reporter will not be around to remind the people they are home.

Tom, a grateful thank you to you and your family for faithfully serving the community. Well done.

Suzanne N. Photos

Mt. Oliver City


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