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New steering group, area crime reports discussed in Carrick


Last updated 2/13/2020 at 7:34am

The Brashear Association is looking for Hilltop residents to become members of a new Hilltop Program Steering Committee to drive future programing needs in the Hilltop.

Kelli Murphy, a master’s level University of Pittsburgh intern with Brashear, briefly outlined the program at the February meeting of the Carrick Overbrook Block Watch.

The Association is looking for 22 community members to be part of the steering committee. They had already received applications from 12 people.

The committee will meet in the evening on the first Wednesday for 12 consecutive months.

“The purpose is to get people from all the Hilltop neighborhoods to identify service gaps in the neighborhoods,” she said. The steering committee is being underwritten through a grant from Neighborhood Allies.

The grant will also be used to develop future programming at Brashear’s new upcoming community center in Knoxville.

The deadline to apply is February 21 with committee members notified of their acceptance on February 28. The first meeting will be on March 4.

Ms. Murphy and another master’s level intern at Brashear are in the process of completing a community needs assessment in the Hilltop. When completed, the needs assessment will be posted online.

The deadline to apply for the steering committee is February 21. Email: for questions.

Hilltop residents may apply at:

Written applications can be picked up at the Carnegie Library in Carrick or Knoxville or any Brashear Association location.

Zone 3 officer Christine Luffey began her presentation of cases of interest from the last month in the neighborhood with a pair from January 7.

The first case presented started out as a violent domestic call concerning a mother and son in Overbrook. Officer Luffey said the victim was the mother who was going to visit her grandkids. From the report, the son doesn’t get along with the mother of the grandkids.

Police were sent from a 911 report of a car into a porch. When they arrived, it was determined the son had struck the mother in the face several times before pushing her vehicle with his into a neighbor’s porch.

About an hour later after another 911 call, the son was arrested when his vehicle lost a tire and got stuck on a guiderail. Charges for the son include: Reckless endangerment of another person; reckless driving; simple assault; accidents involving damage; false reports to law enforcement officers; criminal mischief; escape; and, resisting arrest.

The second case from the afternoon of January 7 was for a call to a Brownsville Road pharmacy where a man had overdosed in the restroom. According to the report, medics arrived first. Police spoke with the Baldwin man and removed heroin from him. He was charged with possession and possession of a controlled substance.

The third case presented also resulted from a 911 call occurring on the morning of January 11 in the 2200 block of Brownsville Road and was a domestic case between two sisters.

According to the report, one sister had moved in with another sister several months prior. On the morning of January 11, the sisters had a disagreement concerning the amount of money one sister was paying the other to live in the apartment.

Officer Luffey said the sister who rented the apartment thought her sister should be paying more money to live in the apartment. The victim stated her sister had struck her numerous times with the handle of the knife before slashing her in the hand.

The sister was charged with aggravated assault.

The next case described involved officers being dispatched to Hazeldell Street at about midnight on January 16 for a call of shots fired.

The officers canvased the area after learning from a homeowner that they had heard five or six shots nearby. The officers were able to locate numerous spent shells in the 2000 block.

Officers spoke to another neighbor in the area who told them he has surveillance cameras.

“People lie, cameras don’t,” officer Luffey said. “We love cameras.”

The surveillance cameras showed a vehicle leaving the scene. While the officers were looking for more evidence, a vehicle pulled up matching the BMW SUV captured by the cameras.

When the woman exited the vehicle, the police asked if knew anything about shots being fired in the area. Officer Luffey said she replied, “Yes I do, I’m the one who fired the shots.”

The woman showed the police her permit to carry a concealed weapon and explained why she fired the shots.

She said she had just put a young child in the back seat of the SUV when four men approached her. She told the police it was her feeling the men would have stolen her vehicle if she hadn’t taken the shots.

Officer Luffey said the case is still under investigation.

Another interesting case, she said, was on January 16 occurred at 6 a.m. in the 100 block of Madeline Street. Zone 3 officers along with narcotics and vice detectives had obtained search warrants concerning two individuals. The officers breeched the door after there was no response from the home to their identifying themselves.

Police recovered OxyContin, Oxycodone, marijuana and crack cocaine. The individuals were charged with a long list of drug offenses officer Luffey said.

In addition to presenting the cases, officer Luffey announced this year’s Biscuits Bingo, set for March 7, had already sold out. The bingo, now in its 22nd year, raises money for animal welfare organizations.

In announcements, the Pittsburgh Promise 5K Walk is slated for April 18 at Pittsburgh Carrick High School this year. More details will be available in the coming weeks.

The Carrick Community Council will hold a membership meeting on February 24 at 7 p.m. at 25 Carrick Avenue.

Plans are underway to bring back the Carrick Cornfest and rebrand it as the “Carrick Reunion.” The “Reunion” will be at Phillips Park sometime in August and will feature family-friendly activities.


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