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Last updated 1/5/2020 at 2:20pm

Foremost, The Reporter’s coverage of what’s going on in South Pittsburgh communities is important to me and to the work of the Hilltop Alliance.

In the 1980s, Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill used to famously say “All politics is local”. But today, as “New Localism” author Bruce Katz has turned around the famous saying, “All politics is national, all solutions are local”. This means that solutions, more than ever, are happening through public-private partnerships and local government, who’s politics and policy priorities originate with communities and community-based organizations.

The Reporter’s close attention to community organizations, public meetings, local government activities, and news in neighborhoods, is more important today than ever. The community level is where the solutions to most public issues are born. By keeping citizens closer in touch with the organizations working in their community, we can hope to expand citizen participation and build a stronger, more resilient south Pittsburgh. The Reporter provides this connection and without it, we could take a step backwards.

Tom, you realized all of this decades ago. From going to all of these meetings and learning about what all of these organizations have the power to do, you took a committed interest in covering the activities of the organizations doing work on-the-ground. You saw the potential that could be unleashed, and with that, became personally involved. I am certainly thankful that you did. That’s how we met, and that combined with the south Pittsburgh opportunities that arose and relationships that were built over the years, all converges to explaining how I ended up in this career and this position.

Aaron Sukenik


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