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Over the Christmas holiday, I was going through the files and came across a story from...well let's let the date of the story go until the end. Those taking a look at the accompanying photo will have a clue as to the date. The story first appeared as follows in The Reporter and concerns parking and appeared under the following headline:

Off Street Parking, Enforcement For S.S.

C. Of C. Gets Partial Parking Report

Although the parking survey being conducted by the Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh on the South Side district is not near completion, conclusions and recommendations have been made which would have a far reaching effect on parking, and perhaps business.

The partial report was handed members of the South Side Chamber of Commerce at a dinner meeting last Thursday night in the Duquesne Brewery by William Froehlich, in charge of the authority, who has been appointed a state official.

The incomplete survey shows that:

Additional off-street parking space will be required in the South Side business district. This need should be clearly established through a more formal and detailed study by an impartial consultant, who would recommend the number and location of additional spaces required.

The comparatively high percentage of illegal parking points to a need for more rigid enforcement of present parking regulations in the area. Regulations controlling the use of spaces in certain locations should receive more immediate attention to improve enforcement.

Demand for short-time parking space in the South Side district was readily evident from the survey. Over 87 percent of the parkers remain no longer than one hour and almost three fourths of the total vehicles parked for one half hour or less.

The survey revealed that the narrower widths of Carson St., between 10th and 17th Sts. Creates a congested traffic condition. This is aggravated by curb parking permitted along these blocks. This problem should be given consideration for changes in curb parking restrictions of off-street facilities for curb spaces in this district.

The report stated that illegal parking and violations were particularly heavy on Carson St., between 19th and 20th St .; 12th St. to 13th St .; 17th to 18th St .; 20th St. to 21st St. and 21st St. to 22nd St.

The report continues: (Last year), a total of 1490 parkers were counted in the survey area, 1298 occupying legal spaces and 192 using illegal spaces.

The area surveyed was both side of Carson St., between 10th St. and 22nd St. about 4000 feet.

The area included 200 legal parking spaces, 198 of which are metered. It also included 121 spaces where parking is prohibited for various reasons.

The survey report indicated that enforcement should be made practically from 12th St. to 22nd St.

It was a wonderful meeting and President Victor A. Rowsick, said the report proved very interesting to businessmen. In keeping with the growth and service of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Rowsick said copies of the complete report will be available to any person sending to the Chamber of Commerce asking for one.

Also at the meeting, a retail sales committee was appointed to work out details for a proposed sale in the near future.

Those appointed by Mr. Rowsick included:

Herbert Love, Ralph Siegel,

The story originally appeared in the Thursday, February 5, 1959 issue of The Reporter.

A pdf of the pages with the article are available at:


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