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In response to the Commentorial in The South Pittsburgh Reporter dated November 26, 2019, it was stated that myself and Mr. Viglione expressed “sour grapes.” The comment I had made was that the Borough of Mt. Oliver receives “little or no help from the City of Pittsburgh or Allegheny County.” I’ve made this same statement numerous times during council meetings. It’s not sour grapes, it’s a fact and someone will have to prove to me otherwise.

I have no problem with any community on either side of the hill that is making progress in improving their respect community and I hope the trend continues.

Over the years it is in my opinion that that and of other taxpaying residents of this borough, that Mt. Oliver seems to be an afterthought. Mt. Oliver has been for years self-contained. The Borough continues to do more with the least. This is true and is make possible because of the dedicated and professionalism of employees. This holds true in police, fire, public works and admin personnel. I feel we are second to none and with the continued work ethic of the above-mentioned personnel, the borough will continue to move forward.

Mr. Aaron Sukenik of the Hilltop Alliance, stated that the $400,000 was not a grant, but a fee-for-service contract. The money is used to help low- and moderate-income homeowners get needed home repairs. This money is obtained by a new tax by the City of Pittsburgh on real estate transfers. Mt. Oliver has not raised taxes in 17 years or more and I don’t think the borough intends to do so any time soon. The borough has its share of homeowners who need repairs done on their homes also. If Mt. Oliver is not part of the Hilltop, then what are we considered part of.

In closing, I’d like to meet with representatives of the Hilltop Alliance and Economic Development South, or have those representatives attend a Borough Council meeting with our council, they can give their input on how we can move forward.

I took this position as Mayor and made it a point that I would be pro-active and that is what I’ve done and will continue to do. I will continue to keep the borough’s taxpayers and all residents best interest in mind. I will stand firm on those principles, politically correct or not.

Frank Bernardini

Mt. Oliver Mayor


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