Cobden crew steps up their game for Dirty Dozen rest stop


Last updated 10/30/2019 at 8:01pm

Members of the South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association and the East Slopes Block Watch always look forward to the Dirty Dozen bicycle race. Every year, Denise and Bill Fillip host a rest stop at the top of Hill 12, Eleanor Street, with help from their family and their neighbors, Jessica Benham and Karl Norman.

Chris Helbling, the Dirty Dozen's lead race marshal, says, "The South Side is home to many steep streets. In the cycling community, two in particular, are held in high esteem as hill 11 and 12 of the Dirty Dozen. Hill 11 is Welsh Way. Hill 12 is a combination of Berry, Holt, and Eleanor up to Cobden."

By the time the riders get to the top of Hill 11, they're ready for the treats provided at the rest stop – hot cocoa and candy.

"One of our favorite community events along the way is the Cobden Street Aid Stop." Mr. Helbling said.

Karl Norman tended the bike repair station, added for the first time last year. And this year, also for the first time, the rest stop featured real mugs for the hot cocoa, loaned by Donna Hetrick of Fireborn Studios, who also washed the mugs in between each heat of the race, with help from JoAnn Evans.

"For 33 years, Danny Chew had ridden those hills with any and all who wanted to test themselves on the toughest hills in town. That is, until 2016, when Danny had a tragic accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down," Mr. Helbling described the history of the event. "The ride continues with the help of many volunteers and friends who have also grown to love the event like Danny does."

After the final riders made their way up Eleanor and drank their fill of cocoa, volunteers began their clean up, already brainstorming how to make the rest stop even better next year.


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