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Last updated 8/29/2019 at 8:34am

Pittsburgh-based nonprofit organization Conservation Consultants Inc. (CCI) will hold “CCI’s Home Energy Showcase,” a new competition calling on Pittsburgh area homeowners to take action to reduce the portion of their greenhouse gas emissions tied to their home.

The showcase launched on Aug 21 – with signups at continuing until October 30, and it will run for for months. Prize categories were selected to suit different budgets and homeowner skills; for example, a top Thrifty Reducer prize of $500 is for the household which achieves the biggest energy use reduction relative to their baseline for the least amount of dollars spent on upgrades. Climate Catalyst prizes are offered for those who help to recruit and motivate others.

“Everyone talks about buying a Prius or biking more often to reduce their impact on the planet. Those are terrific steps. But, a bigger part of an average Pennsylvanian carbon footprint comes from how we use energy at home,” Jeaneen Zappa, executive director of CCI said.

According to the latest Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan, Pittsburgh’s residential sector accounts for 25 percent of its total greenhouse gas emissions.

“Improving residential energy efficiency is one of the key actions that can be taken to advance climate mitigation efforts in the Pittsburgh region. Getting an energy audit and reducing energy waste at home is an important opportunity that we must take. The City is excited to see CCI launch the Energy Showcase as a way for residents to navigate this territory,” City of Pittsburgh Chief Resilience & Sustainability Officer Grant Ervin, stated.

Mr. Ervin shared his personal story about his home’s energy audit and his already accomplished and planned next steps with CCI. The interview is posted with the Energy Showcase information online.

“I call it climate-proofing-our-house project” he said.

“The key to making the Home Energy Showcase a particularly potent agent of change for residential climate action lies in pulling individual efforts together and in story-telling. Showcase participants are on a journey. We know that getting a roadmap to success in the form of an energy audit is just the first step and that there is almost always room to do more in your home,” Ms. Zappa said.

Throughout the Showcase, CCI will capture firsthand accounts of participants’ successes and challenges that allow other participants, along with anyone following along, to see what gives the biggest bang for the buck in the home upgrade process. Lack of information and general uncertainty can immobilize even the most environmentally conscious person when it comes to their home.

This ability to act as a “collective” will not only give participants the opportunity to have a healthy home with lower energy bills, but it will also prove that real climate progress can be realized through the combined effort of dedicated individuals.

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