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See where your city taxes go with budget simulator


Last updated 4/24/2019 at 8:18pm

City of Pittsburgh taxpayers can see where their local taxes go by using the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)’s online public budget tool Balancing Act,

This tool provides information about the city’s budgets and allows the community to submit feedback that will inform next year’s budgets.

Balancing Act gives taxpayers an opportunity to see what their tax money is spent on, understand the Capital and Operating budgets, change spending allocations, and leave comments on the city’s budgets through these three tools: 

Tax Receipt – Enter your income and the value of any property you own in the City of Pittsburgh to receive an itemized receipt of what your taxes pay for.

Capital Budget Simulator – Explore how your tax dollars are distributed amongst departments and projects, see detailed explanations for spending items and add your changes and comments.

Operating Budget Simulator – Try your hand at managing the city’s books and explore financial breakdowns of operating spending.

After creating their own budgets, users can submit them and they will be reviewed by OMB, the Office of Mayor William Peduto, City Council and City Departments for the development of the 2020 budgets.

This is the second year that OMB has used the online program to supplement feedback gathered at their two annual public capital budget forums to be held this summer. To be notified of the capital budget forums, sign up for the Office of Community Affairs’ newsletter at 


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