South Pittsburgh streets are in line for repaving in initial round of work


Last updated 4/24/2019 at 8:04pm

The City of Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) has released the first round of streets for asphalt pavement resurfacing for the 2019 paving season.

The 2019 Capital Budget dedicated more than $20 million to street rehabilitation with over $15 million of that amount dedicated to asphalt resurfacing. The balance will rehabilitate numerous brick, blockstone and concrete streets; improve curb ramps for accessibility; replace and enhance pavement markings; and purchase pothole patching materials. 

The $20 million is the most budgeted for street upgrades in decades, and follows $17 million in paving spent in 2018, which itself was double the street improvements spent by previous administrations. 

DOMI's street resurfacing homepage lists the first set of 2019 paving projects by Council District, by a full list in PDF form, and through an interactive citywide map. 

The announced streets represent the first round of seasonal paving. Additional streets will be added when a new paving contract is awarded, which is expected in the coming weeks. 

The city is also working to continue to improve coordination between city paving work and public utility work in the streets, and additional streets will be paved this year through cost sharing cooperative agreements with the utility companies. This list should be released in the coming weeks.

In order to best protect public assets and dollars, streets identified for scheduled utility work within the next two years were deferred from the 2019 list to enable utility work to proceed prior to street resurfacing. 

In the South Pittsburgh, the streets planned for repaving are (by Council District):

Council District 2

Shaler Street: Grandview to Well Street

Ennis Street: Heif Street to Wilbert Street

Kohlmeyers Lane: Boggs Ave to Dead End

Leipsic Way: Halpin to Dead End

Prospect Street: Dilworth to Southern Ave

Council District 3

Arlington Avenue: Climax Street to Loyal Way

Asteroid Way: E. Warrington Avenue to Proctor Way

Manton Street: Helen Way to Arlington Avenue

Asteroid Way: Proctor Way to E. Warrington Avenue

Manton Street: Helen Way to Arlington Avenue

Elsie Street: Eleanor Street to Fernleaf Street

Jonquil Way: Halfway Street to Dead End

Banning Way: Amesbury Street to Dead End

Taft Avenue: Sylvania Avenue to Lafferty Avenue

Jucunda Street: Amanda Avenue to Beltzhoover Avenue

Judicial Street: Kambach Street to Kathleen St

Kambach Street: Judicial Street to Brick Transition

Ruxton Street: Craighead Street to Estella Avenue

William Street: Cola Street to Arlington Avenue

Carey Way: 17th Street to 22nd Street

Jane Street: S 19th Street to S 20th Street

Larkins Way: S 26th Street to S 25th Street

S 10th Street: E. Carson Street to Freyburg Street

S 20th Street: E. Carson Street to Harcum Way

S 8th Street: E. Carson Street to Dead End

Sarah Street: S 12th Street to S 11th Street

Angelo Street: St. Thomas Street to Mt. Oliver Street

Arlington Avenue: Amanda Avenue to Brownsville Rd

Baltic Way: Sterling Street to Eleanor Street

Brosville Street: Pius Street to Monastery Avenue

Monastery Street: Brosville Street to Monastery Avenue

Niles Street: Sumner Street to Burham Street

Nusser Street: Brosville Street to Dead End

Stromberg Street: Oakley Way to Dead End

Schuler Street: Mountain Street to Dead End

Council District 4

Calle Avenue: Camfield Street to Conniston Avenue

Polo Way: Vernon Way to Calle Street

Almora Street: Spencer Avenue to Cedar Cove

Almora Street: Kirk Avenue to Spencer Avenue

Alries Street: Leolyn Street to Alpaus Street

Browsnville Road: Overbrook Blvd. to Clifton Street

Lutz Avenue: Nuzum Avenue to Dead End

Minooka Street: Brownsville Road to Trost Avenue

Myron Way: Cherryhill Street to South Way

Northern Way: Amanda Avenue to Highnote Way

Nuzum Avenue: Lutz Avenue to Dead End

Oakhurst Way: Woodford Avenue to Newett Street

Plateau Street: Newett Street to Riota Way

Redwood Street: Midwood Way to Sugar Way

Riota Way: Plateau Street to Strata Way

Ruralton Street: Carrick Avenue to Dead End

Strata Way: Riota Way to Strata Way

Edom Way: Windfall Way to Melody Street

Eiler Avenue: Haiti Street to Nuzum Avenue

W Warrington Avenue: Saw Mill Run Blvd. to Boggs Avenue

Hargrove Street: West Liberty Avenue to Dead End

The weekly paving scheduling is available at:

An interactive resurfacing map is available on Burgh's Eye View at:


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