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Readshaw bill taps telemedicine


Last updated 3/7/2019 at 9:22am

A veteran supporter and pioneer of the telemedicine concept, state Rep. Harry Readshaw introduced legislation to tap its full potential to transform and improve health care quality and accessibility.

Rep. Readshaw’s bill would benefit all Pennsylvanians by giving their primary care physicians and health care specialists enhanced opportunities to better coordinate patient care regardless of distance – a particular advantage in medically underserved areas.

“Telemedicine can not only provide better access to care in underserved parts of the state; it can be used to increase access in more populated areas as well,” said Mr. Readshaw, who has extensively researched the topic and spearheaded the effort to change existing law. “Currently, telemedicine provides care while saving money at the state Department of Corrections.

“But it can also be utilized to give nursing home residents quicker, wider and better quality of care. It can be used to educate and provide health care to school-age children, including those in preschool. It can also provide an extra set of eyes watching over surgical patients in the recovery room. In short, whether inside health care facilities or inside our communities, telemedicine can revamp the way we experience health care.”

Rep. Readshaw, who has authored similar bills in the past that have garnered bipartisan support, said he has partnered with state Rep. Jordan Harris, the House Democratic whip, who is co-prime sponsor of H.B. 15.

“We are hopeful that this bipartisan support will continue, so we can realize the full impact of telemedicine,” he said.


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