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Real estate transactions for issue of December 18, 2018


December 18, 2018

16th Ward

Estate of Mary Punjack to Daniel Fitzgerald at 301 Flack St. for $38,400.

Robert Muraczewski to Lei Zhao and Xiaozhu Chu at 2219 Jane St. for $330,000.

Matthew Stark to G Squared Capital L.P. at 2313 Sarah St. for $445,000.

17th Ward

Erik Thiessen to Changliu Liu at 18 S. 18th St. for $398,000.

Valerie Green to William and Deborah Gadd trustee at 1904 Shamokin St. for $51,000.

18th Ward

SRK Housing LLC to Key Point Real Estate LLC at 433 Kathleen St. for $82,500.

SRK Housing LLC to Key Point Real Estate LLC at 400 Kingsboro St. for $82,500.

Estate of Mildred Steiner to I Fix Bricks LLC at 914 Lillian St. for $8,000.

19th Ward

Michael Smith to Cindy Balint at 482 Bradley St. for $595,000.

Barbara Klewien et al. to Pennsylvania State Employee Credit Union at 116-1/2 Natchez St. for $6,005 by sheriff's deed.

Duke Realty Investments LLC to Pittsburgh Property Buyer LLC at 475 Norton St. for $77,000.

PB Property Development Inc. to Kirk Vroman at 190 Southern Ave. for $235,000.

29th Ward

Margaret Pittas to James Miller at 1524 Amanda Ave. for $30,000.

Bryan Runski et al. to Anand Sriramagiri at 115 Birmingham Ave. for $52,118.

Edward Chirum to David and Susan Marinelli at 47 Carrick Ave. for $18,000.

Ryan Evarts to Brittany Hughes at 2208 Dellrose St. for $107,000.

Juanita SueGary Fordyce to International Real Estate Consulting LLC at 208 Meredith St. for $7,000.

Andrew Tice Jr. to James Richard Barrie and Nicolas Ascencion Hernandez at 405 Merritt Ave. for $127,000.

30th Ward

Tahal Darji to TulaPup LLC at 123 Charles St. for $17,000.

Mt. Oliver

Housing & Urban Development to Kevin Campbell at 304 Giffin Ave. for $29,500.

Charity Chewe to Priscilla Nyirenda at 339 Quincy St. for $4,500.

Nigel Lamont to Eric and Jennifer Booth Henerlau trustee at 107 Rustic Ave. for $17,000.


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