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Real estate transactions for issue of November 27, 2018


November 27, 2018

16th Ward

Eli Kasan to TW Holdings 13 LLC at 2822 Larkins Way for $112,000.

Robert Kosht to Cathy Terrell at 515 Laughlin Ave. for $91,000.

17th Ward

Arlington Veterans Assn. to Platinum Homes Real Estate LLC at 1751 Arlington Ave. for $35,000.

Adam Ripley to Connor Lang at 2004 Gregory St. for $115,000.

Lisa Mendis trustee to Eric Tenpas and Ann Delcamp at 167 S. 15th St. for $170,000.

18th Ward

True Investment Partners L.P. to Arnon Cahen and Dijana Mujkanovic at 445 Edgemont St. for $110,000.

M & Y Pittsburgh Rooms LLC to Amie Reiter at 98 Estella Ave. for $172,000.

Estate of Matthew Heinrich to ZMF Properties 1 L.P. at 109 Kenova St. for $50,000.

Estate of Matthew Heinrich to ZMF Properties 1 L.P. at 111 Kenova St. for $7,200.

19th Ward

St. Mary of the Mt. Parish Charitabl to Mindful Grandview LLC at 115 Bigham St. for $1,250,000.

Joseph Tavormina to Marlene DeAngelo at 27 Cowan St. for $119,900.

W. Michael Kennedy et al. to Citylife Realty Holdings LLC at 453 Edith St. for $45,100.

William Michael Kennedy to Ruth DeBar at 138 Merrimac St. for $305,000.

Chatham Village Homes Inc. to Cynthia Reynolds at 607 Olympia Road Unit 3904 for $0 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $54,394).

Jane Terlion to Shannon and Anthony Romatowski at 230 Oneida St. for $168,500.

Birmingham Holdings LLC to Derek Riley at 3 Piermont St. for $125,500.

29th Ward

Christ Anthony Walker et al. to Karen Doyle at 130 Birmingham Ave. for $21,500.

Kathleen McHugh Pemu to Perfect Sense Properties LLC at 400 Birmingham Ave. for $45,000.

Gestalt Properties LLC to Delta Investment Partners L.P. at 1150 Brownsville Road for $350,000.

Nancy A Farah Nicklaus to John Farah et al. and Mary Susan Capocciama at 1719 Concordia St. for $61,000.

Alliance PA Holdiings LLC to LDT 3 Properties LLC at 117 Kirk Ave. for $25,000.

30th Ward

Robert Spiegel to BAAT Enterprises LLC at 329 Arabella St. for $2,500.

Mt. Oliver

John Krugh to 412 Rentals LLC at 106 Fulton Place for $33,000.

Gestalt Property Development LLC to Delta Investment Partners L.P. at 152 Ormsby Ave. for $35,000.

John Krugh to 412 Rentals LLC at 144 Sherman St. for $25,000.


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