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Carrick council holds election, results will be announced later


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Eleven nominees hoping to join the Carrick Community Council (CCC) board of directors introduced themselves to members prior to the official election at last Wednesday’s meeting in the Concord K5 auditorium.

Interim board president Sherry Brown opened the meeting with an overview of the organization’s voting procedures. Ballots were distributed to all card-carrying CCC members in attendance and were collected at the conclusion of the meeting.

Ms. Brown said ballots would be counted during a board meeting at a later date.

CCC bylaws do not require a minimum number of occupied board seats, but Ms. Brown said the organization would like to have between 15 and 20 board members in 2019. In order to be elected, nominees must receive an unspecified number of votes in order to meet quorum.

The first CCC board nominee to speak was Lauren Doyle, who grew up in Carrick before moving away as a young adult. She moved back three years ago and loves the “homegrown” nature of the neighborhood. Her professional experience includes 33 years of working in Human Resources for the United States Postal Service.

As a board member, Ms. Doyle said she would focus on the beautification and the economic development components of the strategic plan.

The next speaker was Jamal Green, who has lived in Carrick since 2014. He is seeking a board position in order to become a bigger part of the community and bring diversity to the organization. Mr. Green is most interested in helping out with beautification.

Ron Jardini, a lifelong Carrick resident and small business owner, has previous board experience with Oakland Planning and Development Corporation. Mr. Jardini said he has developed a “think globally and act locally” mentality as a result of extensive traveling and his goal is to bring his global knowledge to the Carrick community.

Mr. Jardini is most interested in revitalizing the buildings along Brownsville Road which he considers to be the “face of Carrick.”

Hanna Karolak has been a Carrick homeowner since 2012 and is running for a board position so she can give back to the community. She has previous nonprofit experience working with the Pennsylvania Communication Association and the Eastern Communication Association.

Ms. Karolak’s goals stem from her primary belief that “people who live in Carrick own things in Carrick.” She wants to provide resources to help people start businesses in and around the community.

Hillary Marcella, a Carrick resident since 2014, loves the resilience, diversity, and commitment of the community. Ms. Marcella has a professional background in nonprofit management and currently works for the Allegheny County Department of Human Services. She volunteers on the Dairy District Advisory Committee and formerly held a board position with the New Leaders Council.

Helping to ensure Carrick is welcoming for all is Ms. Marcellas’s goal for the CCC.

Donna McManus is a 27-year Carrick resident who wants to join the CCC board to become a “community changer” rather than a “community complainer.” Ms. McManus formerly worked as a parent engagement specialist for Pittsburgh Public Schools and has a passion for engaging people and organizing events.

Ms. McManus is interested in helping the organization build capacity while organizing community events that bring people together.

Andy Miscuk has lived in Carrick full-time for the last six years, and his goal for the CCC is to have the organization members know each other by name. Mr. Miscuk has previous experience as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in Washington D.C. and also served on the board of We Are Family.

When asked how he will contribute to the CCC’s strategic plan, Mr. Miscuk said he wants to create familiarity in the community and that “courtesy and manners don’t cost a thing.”

Chris Small has lived in Carrick since 2006 and has previous nonprofit experience volunteering with Boy Scouts of America and the Red Cross. Mr. Small wants to join the CCC to help out, make changes, and work on the community. He would also like to help the organization drive more businesses to Brownsville Road.

Twenty-nine-year Carrick resident Gordy Sullivan retired from the City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Works. He also attended the Pittsburgh Citizen’s Police Academy. When asked how he would contribute to the strategic plan, Mr. Sullivan said he is interested in beautification and supporting new businesses in the community.

John Trotter has lived in Carrick for three years and previously lived in Nepal. Mr. Trotter has spent more than 15 years working in church ministry. He believes his familiarity with the people of Carrick and their stories is a valuable asset he can bring to the board.

Mr. Trotter said he wants to see the CCC become more integrated and enjoys seeing so many different people from different groups brought together.

The last nominee to speak was Carol Williams. Ms. Williams has lived in Carrick for 60 years and enjoys the sense of community within the neighborhood. She is interested in joining the board in order to make big changes in the community. Her top interest in the CCC strategic plan is beautification.

Ms. Brown said new board members will be announced by the end of the month. The new board will meet in January and begin to finalize the organization’s strategic plan.

Following the nominee introductions and election, Donna McManus announced the CCC will be sponsoring Light Up Night on Friday, Dec. 7 from 6:30 to 8:30 in the Dairy District pavilion. The event will include a tree-lighting ceremony and performances from local choral and dance groups.

The next CCC member meeting will most likely take place in February.


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