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Real estate transactions for issue of Oct. 30, 2018


October 30, 2018

16th Ward

Hajjah Holdings LLC to Fergal and Sarah McAndrew at 2617 Josephine St. for $210,000.

Richard Ritter to Anna Grace Holdings LLC at 2518 Leticoe St. for $74,000.

Densmore Family L.P. to Ian Lewis at 2250 Mary St. Unit 211 for $235,000.

Carol Lynn Kornides to Marc Caputo at 58 S. 25th St. for $65,000.

Stephen Hovanec Jr. to John Novak at 2828 Salisbury St. for $128,900.

Yifan Ning to Alejandro and Adhys Obeso at 2307 Sarah St. for $285,000.

Mark Anderson to Pacific Union Financial LLC at 2511 Sarah St. for $2,187 by sheriff's deed.

17th Ward

Kirk Smarsh to Daniel Rohanna at 9 Gregory St. for $61,000.

KRP Development L.P. to Cost Sun Group LLC at 162 S. 17th St. for $135,000.

Rachel Wernert to George Hric III and Kristin Semones at 124 S. 21st St. for $235,000.

18th Ward

Edward Joseph Moore to Jordan Steedley at 219 Kathleen St. for $102,500.

Montooth Property LLC to Brandon Bartoldi at 509 Montooth St. for $3,400.

HSBC Bank USA NA trustee to MGD Holdings LLC at 120 Reifert St. for $35,000.

Stephen Rowe to Keith Donnelly at 116 Schuchert St. for $5,000.

19th Ward

Scott Wroblewski to Nalcom Partners L.P. at 209 Augusta St. for $135,000.

Shirley Ann Fiore to Patrick Fiore at 1621 Beltram Ave. for $50,000.

Wesbert Sainte Juste to Jeffrey and Lisa Schmigel at 155 LaBelle St. for $160,000.

Valerie Visconti to Younggong Wang and Hong Jiang at 1 Trimont Lane 1615A for $698,670.

Ernest Yeckel to Pluto Holdings LLC at 367 Woodruff St. for $60,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $81,624) by sheriff's deed.

29th Ward

Brian Horgan to Benjamin Putnam and Olga Karpova at 1536 Nobles Lane for $35,000.

Robert Mellor to LDT 2 Properties LLC at 2725 Steiner St. for $23,400.

Jonathon Savoy to Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency at 2217 Yale Drive for $3,054 by sheriff's deed.

30th Ward

Charity Chewe to Okorie Uchendu at 155 Knox Ave. for $9,000.

Mt. Oliver

Positive Development Management LLC to Bryan DeFranco at 205 Giffin Ave. for $17,500 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $78,204) by sheriff's deed.

Robert Simmons to Bryan DeFranco at 454 Hays Ave. for $5,800 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $45,942) by sheriff's deed.


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