Time running out for some So. Side property owners to get lead lines replaced by PWSA


October 23, 2018

Time is rapidly running out for some South Side properties to take advantage of Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority’s (PWSA) Lead Service Line Replacement (LSLR) program.

The LSLR program will replace the private part of a lead service line, the pipe from the curb box to the meter inside the house, while PWSA is replacing the lead service line from the main to the curb box. If done while PWSA is replacing the public service line during this project, expected to be completed within the next two weeks, there is no cost to the property owner.

However, if the property owner does not signed agreement with PWSA for the LSLR by Friday, Oct. 26, they will be responsible for paying the full cost to replace the private service line if they choose to, estimated to be as high as $10,000. If the property owner later chooses to replace the private side of the service line, PWSA will coordinate with them to replace the public side of the line, but will not pay for the private side work.

In this instance, after the current neighborhood project is finished, the property owner would need to call into lead help desk at PWSA to coordinate the public side at that time should they decide to do private side replacement on their own.

PWSA has attempted to contact all property owners in the South Side target area to complete the lead line replacement while they are in the neighborhood but haven’t received permission from some owners. Those owners are encouraged to contact the Lead Help Desk at 412-255-8987 immediately to make the deadline.

South Side property owners who should contact PWSA include:

2420 Carey Way, Benjamin Terner

51 S 21st Street, David Holland Jr.

60 S 22nd Street, John Lesikiewicz

68 S 22nd Street, John Michael Hurey

90 S 24nd Street, Amy McClusky

2201 Sarah Street, Michael Episcopo

2215 Sarah Street, Melissa Polachek

2215½ Sarah Street, Jing Zhang Sunseri

2216 Sarah Street, Carl E. Patrick

2217 Sarah Street, John B. Atwood

2228 Sarah Street, Matthew Aloiso

2318 Sarah Street, Robert J. LaFace

2327 Sarah Street, Matthew Staley

2335 Sarah Street, Jeffrey Guadno

1917 Sidney Street, Susan Medwid

1926 Sidney Street, CSDC Excursians LLC

2102 Sidney Street, Michael Halperin

2119 Sidney Street, 1013 Associates

2323 Sidney Street, MAG LLC

2325 Sidney Street,

2328 ½ Sidney Street, Michael Johnson

1907 Wrights Way, Jean Lewandowski

1911 Wrights Way, Ernest Miller

2107 Wrights Way, TW Holdings 11 LLC


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