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New Division 4 building along with more paving in city's 2019 budget


September 25, 2018

Mayor William Peduto’s administration has filed preliminary 2019 budgets with the Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority that included no tax increases and increased spending on landslides and flooding, facilities, paving and other priorities. 

The $568.1 million Operating Budget and $132.9 million Capital Budget are required by state law to be filed with the ICA each September. The mayor’s 2019 budgets will be formally introduced November 13 and Pittsburgh City Council will have until December 31 to approve them.

“These budgets keep us on the sound financial course we started five years ago, while investing in the infrastructure we need to remain a great city for decades to come,” Mayor Peduto said. 

Highlights include: 

$20.3 million in street resurfacing – equaling 75 miles of streets – which is the greatest amount Pittsburgh government has spent on paving in memory. Last year the city budgeted $17 million in paving, which was more than double what the city allocated in previous administrations. 

$6 million for landslides and slope failure remediation, which more than doubles what was budgeted this year. 

$3.6 million for flood mitigation. 

$3 million for the reconstruction of the Public Works 4th Division facility in Knoxville. 

More than $1 million for redevelopment of Thaddeus Stevens Elementary School in Elliott into headquarters of the Bureau of Police Special Deployment Division. 

$1.4 million for design work on reconfiguration of Stargell Field in Homewood. 

Increasing the demolition budget to $2.8 million, nearly $1 million more than in 2018. 

The debt service as a percentage of general fund expenditures is a low 8.94 percent. In 2014 the debt service budget was $87,269,068 and the 2019 Debt Service budget is $50,816,684 which is a 41.8 percent decrease. 

Total projected revenues for 2019 are $579.8 million and expenditures $568.1 million, with a projected operating result of $11.7 million. The fund balance as a percentage of general fund expenditures is 11.2 percent. 

The state law that created the ICA requires the city to submit its budgets to the board in September of every year. While the city officially left Act 47 financial distress early this year, under the same law the ICA will not expire until next year.


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