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Carrick council reveals framework for new community Strategic Plan


August 14, 2018

The newly reorganized Carrick Community Council (CCC) presented an overview of its new Strategic Plan to a full house at the YWAM building on Brownsville Road.

Moderator Sherry Brown explained that members of the reorganized Board of Directors recently worked with The Hill Group to create a two-year Strategic Plan while also updating the organization’s Vision and Mission statements.

Before talking about the Strategic Plan, Ms. Brown took time to identify some of the things that are unique about Carrick. Among the things she noted are that the median age of those living in the neighborhood of more than 10,000 residents is 39. The community has four schools, six churches and two faith communities, two parks and 179 streets. The main street of Carrick features two shopping centers, two cobblers and a (soon to be) state-of-the-art library.

Ms. Brown said the council’s new Vision Statement is: “Carrick will be a safe, clean, growing community with involved residents, businesses, and visitors who take pride in the neighborhood.”

In addition, the CCC’s mission is, “To foster a vibrant and dynamic neighborhood by responding to community needs, building strong partnerships, engaging current and future residents, businesses, and visitors, and promoting an overall sense of pride, ownership and belonging.”

Values, for the organization, she explained were: Inclusiveness – Celebrating the diverse community and working to engage current and future residents, businesses and visitors; Collaboration – By encouraging partnerships to maximize impact and achieve goals; and, Enthusiasm – Approaching every endeavor with a positive attitude, bright spirit and pride for the neighborhood.

“We’re really working on people showing pride in Carrick,” Ms. Brown said.

The plan calls for five initiatives, each with a sub-set of goals to achieve. The initiatives are: Positive Press; Residential Revitalization; Commercial Development; Beautification; and, Capacity.

“Let’s get over all the bad things you hear about Carrick,” Ms. Brown said of the Positive Press initiative. “We’ve got to talk to people about all the great things going on here.”

Goals within the initiative include: Creating a marketing and branding plan; Updating and utilizing a website and social media to promote the neighborhood and interact with residents, business owners and visitors; and, to hold community events.

Under Residential Revitalization, the Strategic Plan calls for establishing a landlord registry, developing a residential resource page and creating and building upon property improvement programs.

The CCC would like to develop relations with area businesses and implement a program to incentivize those businesses. In addition, they would like a business resource page.

The Beautification initiative calls for increasing the number of clean-up volunteers and creating an educational program with clean-up materials.

The last initiative, Capacity, would have members of the Carrick Community Council engage more people. It would also define what the roles of the council and community include.

When asked about specifics how several of the initiatives would operate, Ms. Brown said they don’t know, yet. One of the purposes of the meeting was to engage community members, create enthusiasm and have more people participate.

Those attending were asked to submit a “Wish List” for Carrick. The list could be submitted that evening, or sent to the council through regular mail to: Carrick Community Council, PO Box 5901, Pittsburgh, PA 15210 or email:

CCC Board Members will compile the lists and present them for discussion at the next scheduled meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 10, 7 p.m. at a site to be determined. In addition, nominations will be accepted at the October meeting for the CCC Board elections which will be held in November.

Current CCC Board members include: Linda Donahue, Sherry Brown, Carol Anthony, Theresa Siebert, Ron Jardini, Julie Kuchta, David Siwa Laura Doyle, Linda Lacey, Angie Krysanowski and John Trotter.


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