Real estate transfers for issues of 7/31 and 8/7


Last updated 8/6/2018 at 8:27pm

16th Ward

Jacob Pelletier to Layton Miller at 2427 Burham St. for $227,000.

John Punjack to John Welsh Jr. at 217 Rinne St. for $4,000.

Birmingham Holdings LLC to L7 Holdings Ltd. LLC at 2010 Spring St. for $6,000.

17th Ward

Atallah Khalil to Marc Caputo at 1818 Mary St. for $170,000.

Harold Shekels to Nathan Myers at 814 Selby Way for $222,000.

Matthew Rimer to Justin Kleinwaks and Madison Long at 1915 Sidney St. for $225,000.

Estate of Loretta Iandiorio to Alexis Fertig and Ernest Brown at 19 Uxor Way for $225,000.

Gerry Leco to ChangHeon and Grace Lee at 1725 Larkins Way for $269,000.

Gary Leckonby to Jonathan Rose at 70 S. 11th St. for $212,000.

Diane Frenn to Michael and Brenda Riedel at 1920 Sarah St. for $319,900.

18th Ward

Estate of Robert Vance to Clement Okoye at 840 Ashdale St. for $7,500 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $24,955) by sheriff's deed.

Rosemary Schmitt to Donald Pulkowski III at 320 Camfield St. for $120,000.

SWN Enterprises LLC to Briar Cliff Financial Services LLC at 365 Arlington Ave. for $117,000 by sheriff's deed.

Bernadette Jakicic to Brendan Coticchia and Amy Lieberum at 203 Bon Air Ave. for $164,900.

Batisse Group LLC to Mamulit LLC at 259 Conniston Ave. for $78,000.

Linda Senovich to Jaime Bisbey at 720 Eureka St. for $5,000.

Amy Tchirkow to Shawn McCrorey at 71 Haberman Ave. for $190,000.

Richard Cravener to Robert Kohnfelder and Sara Sisco at 445 Kathleen St. for $164,000.

Ronald Wilkin to Baat Enterprises LLC at 980 Manton Way for $15,000.

Fatima Abdulla to Montooth Property LLC at 509 Montooth St. for $1,800.

19th Ward

Charles Wallace II to P/7 Investments L.P. at 320-322 Boggs Ave. for $77,765.

Charles Pfender to Old Concord Capital LLC at 22 Kuhn St. for $88,000.

Felix Padilla Jr. to Marlex Properties LLC at 137 Merrimac St. for $86,968 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $97,926) by sheriff's deed.

Patricia Varner to JEK 4 Investments LLC at 223 Natchez St. for $131,222.

P7 Investments L.P. to Emily Laumer at 44 Ruth St. for $225,000.

Wayne Glidden to Joseph Kavel at 233 Smith Way for $90,000.

Judith Wallace to P/7 Investments L.P. at 141 Virginia Ave. for $306,190.

Charles Wallace II to P/7 Investments L.P. at 143 Virginia Ave. for $218,850.

Keri Lynn to Jeremy Anderson at 119 W. Sycamore St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $125,400).

Colin Wensel to Nathan Angeloff and Denise Hardman at 353 Woodruff St. for $365,000.

29th Ward

Bernard Joseph McGroder III estate al to Pennhouse LLC at 2361 Brownsville Road for $116,000.

Tosha Kunselman to Nancy Stahlschmidt at 114 E. Agnew Ave. for $80,000.

Bhakta Siwa to Nirmal Rasaili and Nari Biswa at 1608 Fredell St. for $115,000.

Chevy A Weiblinger Nave to Mon and Renu Rai at 2029 Mt. Joseph St. for $93,000.

Craig LaLama to Burns & Burns North LLC at 130 Nobles Lane for $45,000.

Sheila Holt to Jenkins Property Management LLC at 262 Parkfield St. for $30,000.

Roberta Miller to Tuff Properties LLC at 220 Spencer Ave. for $11,000.

30th Ward

Jacqueline Parker to E3 Real Estate LLC at 212 Alice St. for $27,000.

Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority to JPMorgan Chase Bank NA at 129 Bausman St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $36,252).

Lisa Colby to Economic Development South Inc. at 59 Knox Ave. for $5,500.

Mt. Oliver

Estate of William Schwartz to MAW Real Estate LLC at 124 Ormsby Ave. for $10,000.

Jeffrey McClean to DRD Properties LLC at 139 Frederick St. for $55,000.

Richard Bartholomew to Kurt Miller at 224 Onyx St. for $58,000.

Daniel Lopez Sanchez to Kenvil Barnes at 162 Ormsby Ave. for $3,500.


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