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Still no RPP enforcement!


Last updated 7/18/2018 at 8:58pm

Five years and still no enforcement!

“In addition to enforcing all RPP (Residential Permit Parking) and visitor’s pass violations the parking authority will also be enforcing all parking violations at the same time, which is standard practice including but not limited to:

*Facing the wrong way against the flow of traffic

*No parking signs

*Blocking or parking to close to a crosswalk, driveway, intersection

*Stop signs or fire hydrant

*Handicap parking

*Parking on a sidewalk

There is more enforcement for street cleaning and refuse days than any other time.”

All I see just on my street alone is illegally parked cars with little to No enforcement! I’m sure I’m not the only person that feels this away. Enforcement is supposed to be from 12:30 p.m. until 2:30 a.m.  

Why isn’t there a telephone number that someone can call between these hours of enforcement and someone is there to answer that call or complaint?

When I call no one answers the telephone, you’re forced to leave a message that is only returned three days later.  I guess that defeats the purpose.

I’m sure if we lived in another part of the neighborhood like (DD section).  We wouldn’t have to worry about enforcement. Or maybe even Philadelphia? I hear they have stricter enforcement including fire lanes and a telephone number you can call which someone will answer during times of enforcement.

Why are we being forced to pay by telephone and pay more than instead of in person or by mail?

Do we have to move out of the City of Pittsburgh, to Philadelphia, to get what we are paying for (Enforcement). Are yinz Jag-Off’s just gonna keep charging us people for (RPP) a service that you don’t intend to enforce.

When are we the residents of these supposedly (RPP) Residential Permit Parking area’s going to get some real enforcement?

Very disappointed RPP payer

Marilyn Kubiak

South Side


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