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Carnegie Museums chatbot guides visitors on a Summer Adventure


Carnegie Museums’ annual Summer Adventure is an invitation to its members to visit the museums and participate in a variety of events, earning stamps when they do—with each stamp representing a chance to win great prizes in an end-of-summer prize drawing.

But this year, the Summer Adventure has a new twist: a friendly chatbot named Andy CarnegieBot is serving as a mobile guide to the four Carnegie Museums’ summer activities. Accessible on any smart phone through Facebook Messenger, Andy CarnegieBot also invites curious users to test their mettle in trivia games, participate in good-natured opinion polls, and take part in a natural history scavenger hunt. The bot was created by Carnegie Museum’s in-house Innovation Studio through a grant from the Knight Foundation.

“We want to use technology to create compelling, fun interactions with our museums—whether or not a user is visiting,” said Ed Motznik, vice president of technology for Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. “Andy CarnegieBot is an extension of us—of the four Carnegie Museums—and part of an ongoing effort to create more two-way communications through technology. In this case, we’re applying artificially intelligent chatbot technology.

Guided by Andy CarnegieBot, users can see what’s happening at the museums and take part in trivia games, friendly opinion polls, and a natural history scavenger hunt created by nine-year-old member extraordinaire Juliette Heiby and her mom. “My daughter Juliette and I have been eagerly exploring the hidden secrets of the Museum of Natural History for the past six years,” said Julianna Heiby, who with her daughter and husband Charlie have been stalwart Carnegie Museums members since 2010. “That’s why Juliette and I were so thrilled to share some of our favorite museum memories and discoveries to help create a natural history scavenger hunt for the Summer Adventure.”

The bot’s trivia games will attempt to stump users with questions such as: What are the spectators in the Miniature Railroad’s model of Forbes Field made of? Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir was included in how many Carnegie Internationals? What was Andy Warhol’s first job?

Carnegie Museums members who enlist the help of Andy CarnegieBot will electronically earn a stamp each time they visit the museums and/or attend museum events. Using their smart phones, they can scan specially-generated response markers located on museum signage to record each visit. Each stamp boosts a member’s chances of winning in a grand-prize drawing slated for August 25.

“We’re eager for everyone to meet and interact with Andy CarnegieBot, learn about all that’s happening at the museums, and visit us often,” said Cari Maslow, associate vice president of engagement at Carnegie Museums. “There’s so much to enjoy this summer at the museums!”

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