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Clean air for our children


Last updated 6/15/2018 at 2:54pm

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, it is time we turn our attention to the safety of our children and the air they are breathing.

Currently, Allegheny County is tied at eighth in the country for worst metro air quality year-round, putting the fragile lungs of our future in preventable danger. Along with this terrible ranking, Allegheny County has received F’s from the American Lung Association for our air quality (reference to related article in the Post-Gazette).

With asthma rates in Allegheny County already at 22 percent, our children cannot afford to be put in even more jeopardy. It is time that County Executive Rich Fitzgerald stands up to the polluters by enforcing the regulations important to protecting our health. His failure to enforce the laws that regulate polluters is leading to unavoidable exposure for our children to the asthma-inducing air pollutants.

If we want to continue to grow as a livable city, we need clean air free from toxic pollutants for our current and future generations.

Please help hold Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald accountable and urge him to protect our children from further exposures. Kids have a right to breathe clean air while playing outside this summer.

Carla Richards

South Side


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