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Kudos to Mt. Oliver


Last updated 5/16/2018 at 9:01pm

This letter is to acknowledge those in Mt. Oliver from the mayor all the way down the line to all the first responders.

All too often Mt. Oliver gets attention for all the wrong reasons. But I can tell you from experience when a disaster strikes they are right there to help. They do it with a smile on their faces, fearless of their own safety.

 The disaster we had strike us was a metal roof that blew off on April 27 and remaining remnants again on May 2 and May 4. Not knowing myself where to begin, Mt. Oliver first responders jumped into action.

Their response was wonderful. Securing the scene and making it as safe as possible. The metal was everywhere.

Borough Manager Rick Hopkinson was on site and offered any assistance they could provide. Police were on there to keep the crowd that had gathered at a safe distance. The fire department (all volunteers) used their bucket truck to remove any loose roofing remaining. Public Works set up barricades so Duquesne Light could repair electric lines chopped in half from the metal.

They operated like a well-oiled machine. They made chaos into order.

 The next day one of our tenants got a parking ticket due to our parking lot being closed, they even took care of that. I just want to make sure that everyone that resides or visits Mt. Oliver knows how lucky they are to have the efficient members of the borough. Also, the fire fighters.

The roofers heard the distress in my voice and were quick to respond. I can’t say enough about them. They held my hand through this terrible ordeal. They pulled worker from other jobs during our emergency on a Friday night in the dark, wind and rain and went on the roof to secure.

I felt so sorry for them. I was actually afraid for their safety. I was somewhat relieved when I observed them putting on safety harnesses. Extremely professional.

Adele Paslow

Mt. Oliver


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