City to pave streets throughout South Pittsburgh during 2018


Last updated 4/19/2018 at 9:07pm

Mayor William Peduto and the city’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) have finalized the list of 2018 street resurfacing projects, totaling nearly 55 miles of paving this year.

Paving work is set to begin this week.

The full list of streets the City will be paving this year can be found at Weekly work lists for individual streets will also be posted.

The list of streets where work is being performed next week is at, and a searchable map of 2018 street resurfacing work via Burgh’s Eye View is at

The city plans to resurface 35.7 miles (506,938 square yards) of asphalt paving on its own but the total amount of paving will be greater with the addition of work by utilities. In addition to the city’s work there will be:

• 8.93 miles / 143,649 square yards through utility coordination 

• 1.20 miles / 18,963 square yards done by utilities alone 

• 8.84 miles / 203,581 square yards of mechanical patching

In all, that totals 54.67 miles of asphalt street paving work this year. 

The paving list was prepared by DOMI and finalized after discussions with members of Pittsburgh City Council on street paving needs in their districts. 

The paving list according to council district is:

District 2

Boggs Avenue from Wyoming Street to Kohlmeyers Lane

Griffin Street from Lelia Street to Dewitt Street

Mindora Way from Lelia Street to dead end

Well Street from Plymouth Street to Sweetbriar Street

To be paved with cooperation with utilities:

Amabell Street from Virginia Avenue to Grandview Avenue

Clarence Street from Well Street to Greenleaf Street

Cowan Street from Prospect Street to Greenbush Street

Cuthbert Street from Virginia Avenue to Natchez Street

Dilworth Street from Gray Street to Cowan Street

Dilworth Street from Prospect Street to Natchez Street

Gray Street from Dilworth Street to Southern Avenue

Greenleaf Street from Halfway Way to Shaler Street

Lowen Street from Belonda Street to Grace Street

Plymouth Avenue from Grandview Avenue to Virginia Avenue

Prospect Street from Cowan Street to Southern Avenue

Well Street from Halfway Way to Wyola Street

District 3

Aleppo Way from Eureka Street to Ruxton Street

Alice Street from Georgia Avenue to Frederick Street

Arlington Avenue from Spring Street to Frederick Street

Bailey Avenue from Haberman Avenue to Beltzhoover Avenue

Caus Way from Rectenwald Street to Ottillia Street

Camfield Street from Bon Air Avenue to Arabella Street

Charles Street from Beltzhoover Avenue to Grimes Avenue

Clinton Street from dead end to 15th Street

Clover Street from Wellington Way to Burham Street

Clover Street from Salisbury Street to Cobden Street

Crosman Street from S. 18th Street to Roscoe Street

Eleanor Street from Salisbury Street to Cobden Street

Estella Avenue from Climax Street to Chalfont Street

Fisher Street from Kohne Street to Mountain Avenue

Georgia Avenue from Alice Street to Duart Way

Grimes Avenue from Rochelle Street to Mathews Avenue

Harcum Way from S. 17th Street to S. 20th Street

Iberia Street from Estella Avenue to Aleppo Way

Larkins Way from S. 18th Street to S. 17th Street

Larkins Way from S. 26th Street to S. 25th Street

McKinley Street from Alice Street to Brownsville Road

McManus Street from Ottillia Street to Rectenwald Street

Mission Street from dead end to Northview Street

Ottillia Street from St. Joseph Street to Cathedral Avenue

S. 15th Street from Pius Street to Clinton Street

S. 24th Street from E. Carson Street to Sarah Street

Salisbury Street from Josephine Street to Eleanor Street

Sharon Street from Mt. Oliver Street to dead end

Skinny Alley from S. 15th Street to S. 16th Street

Spring Street from Devlin Street to Dengler Street

St. Joseph Street from Ottillia Street to Ormsby Street

Sylvania Avenue from Curtin Avenue to Gearing Avenue

Syrian Street from Spring Street to Azul Street

Tarragonna Street from Alice Street to Daytona Street

Zaruba Street from Castel Street to Spring Street

To be paved in cooperation with utilities:

Arlington Avenue from Brownsville Road to E. Amanda Avenue

Bausman Street from Bausman Street to Brick Way

Estella Avenue from Iberia Street to Winton Street

Excelsior Street from Allen Street to Beltzhoover Avenue

Ruxton Street from Estella Avenue to Craighead Street

District 4

Aaron Avenue from Bernard Street to Braid Way

Calle Avenue from Camfield Street to Conniston Avenue

Carrick Avenue from Brownsville Road to Eiler Avenue

Conniston Avenue from Calle Avenue to Bon Air Avenue

Glade Street from Ellendell Street to Nobles Lane

Hazeldell Street from Duffland Street to Madeline Street

Hopeland Street from Waterman Avenue to Becks Run Road

Kirk Avenue from City Limit to Custer Avenue

Lacona Street from dead end to Transverse Avenue

Makary Way from Kirk Avenue to Spencer Avenue

Mt. Joseph Street from Thielman Avenue to Newett Street

Nobles Lane from Brownsville Road to Saw Mill Run Blvd.

Plateau Street from Newett Street to Riota Way

Rehman Street from Scout Avenue to Hornaday Road

Scout Avenue from Rehman Street to Revision Way

Vida Way from Stewart Avenue to Newburn Way

W. Agnew Avenue from Dellrose Street to Brownsville Road

Walton Avenue from Overview Street to Midwood Avenue

Waterman Avenue from Kirk Avenue to Hopeland Street

Zelda Street from Bernd Street to Beltzhoover Avenue

To be paved in cooperation with utilities:

Caperton Street from Ambrose Street to Conniston Avenue

Fordyce Street from Calle Avenue to Caperton Street

The city’s overall street resurfacing budget for 2018 is nearly $17 million. The Peduto Administration introduced legislation in February adding $800,000 to that budget.


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