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Visitor change unwelcome


Last updated 3/21/2018 at 8:23pm

I read The Reporter regularly and did not see any coverage of the changes to an electronic system by the City of Pittsburgh Residential Permit Parking Program.

I liked the program as it was.

I do not object to the new change, of not getting a sticker for my vehicle. The parking program staff opened an on-line account for my vehicle when I renewed in person at their office. 

What I strongly do not like is the change to the visitor pass program. The previous program provided a card one would put on the dash of the visiting vehicle.

The new program requires one to have a home computer or mobile computer device with application for the resident to enter the visiting vehicle license plate in their on-line account.

If a resident does not have one of these electronic luxuries they must call the parking office and leave relevant details concerning the visiting vehicle with staff or on their answering machine.

Since the parking office is not open 24-hours a day, the visiting vehicle may get a ticket. If ticketed, the resident has to call the enforcement office the next available business day and have the telephone messages checked for timely recording of the call by the resident about the vehicle in order to get the ticket voided.

Time will tell if this procedure is effective. I am not confident.

This new process is labor intensive compared to putting a pass on a vehicle dashboard.

I do not have regular access to computer devices 24-hours a day to access an on-line account when a random visitor with a vehicle may come by. I often utilize the computer service provided by the library. I do not always have a mobile computer device with sufficient data to access this residential on-line account.

Leslie Cooley

South Side


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