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Common sense legislation


Last updated 3/8/2018 at 3:03pm

As we continue to mourn the senseless murder of 14 children and three teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, it is voices and solutions like those of our esteemed state Senator Wayne Fontana that offer a light and a way forward.

Far too often after mass shooting events like those of February 14 our collective sadness and horror fades to numbness and inaction, fueled by the feckless cynicism of our state and national leaders and the bellicose rhetoric of the NRA.

I am so glad to see Mr. Fontana has taken the brave step to put forward two common sense pieces of legislation which could make a good faith and honest effort to combat mass shooting and the horrible gun violence in our state.

I understand and appreciate the value sportsmanship and responsible gun ownership has for many people in this country— I do not understand why anyone would need to possess a military grade firearm designed to inflict mass causalities in a theater of war. I understand for many families hunting and shooting is an integral family tradition—I do not understand that a military weapon needs to be a part of such traditions, nor do I believe a teenager who cannot legally rent a car or purchase a six-pack of beer should be able to buy the very same weapons our military carries into action in the most dangerous parts of the planet.

In support of Senator Fontana’s legislation, I will be offering a Will of Council Tuesday March 6 at council’s regular meeting. In addition, many of us will be attending the upcoming March for Our Lives on Saturday, March 26 (learn more about on Facebook at We ask that all Pittsburgh residents join us in thanking Senator Fontana for his leadership and sense of duty to keep all of us safe and secure.

Pittsburgh City Council President, 

Bruce A. Kraus


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