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Real estate transactions by RealStats


Last updated 12/5/2017 at 9:03pm

16th Ward

Brian Young to David Clark at 45 Greeley St. for $142,857.

Christopher Yalch to Erin Purnell and Shea Matthews at 3157 Josephine St. for $151,800.

Rose Bell to KSS Partn. LCC at Mary St. for $41,000.

Rose M Cindric Bell to KSS Partn. LLC at 2829-2831 Mary St. for $28,000.

Rose Bell to KSS Partn. LLC at 2831-1/2 Mary St. for $61,000.

17th Ward

Donald Rea to Thomas and Rayanne Maciarello at 1721 Merriman Court for $235,000.

Anthony Putaro et al. to Hoden Enterprises LLC at 130 Monastery Ave. for $135,000.

Brian Young to David Clark at 132 Monastery Ave. for $142,857.

18th Ward

Steven McClintock to Equity Trust Co. Cust FBO Thomas S Fisher at 402 Kathleen St. for $65,000.

19th Ward

Elizabeth A Conti Picard to Thomas Kutch and Maggie DePaola at 414 Grace St. for $275,000.

Raymond Carretta to Michael Vito Dalena at 194 Plymouth St. for $294,000.

Dan Simbeck to Jackie Robbins at 310 Virginia Ave. for $207,000.

James Jinks to Thad Bobula and Amy Bills at 453 Wyola St. for $475,000.

29th Ward

Avraham Haim Reiner to Patti and James Kirch at 411 Birmingham Ave. for $31,900.

Samantha Sample to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. at 2427 Diehl Ave. for $1,641 by sheriff’s deed.

Joseph Stephon et al. to Terrence Downs at 20-22 E. Woodford Ave. for $72,500.

Mark Marini to Dollar Bank FSB at 197 Madeline St. for $1,631 by sheriff’s deed.

Christopher Traud to ROI Props PIT LLC at 203 W. Woodford Ave. for $22,000.

Estate of Shawn Patrick Maginn to Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority at 1933 Westmont Ave. for $1,902 by sheriff’s deed.

Sara Fisher Puckett to Michael Barker and Donna Snyder at 144 Wynoka St. for $15,000.

Corey Hawkins to Mid Atlantic Modern Homes LLC at 21 Wynoka St. for $50,000.

Mt. Oliver

Jack Craig to Robert Vetter Jr. at 148-150 Frederick St. for $69,400.

Ronald Morris to Ernest Chan and Bin Yu Yin at 110 Sherman St. for $35,500.


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