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Zone 3 community crime alerts for Nov. 20-26


November 28, 2017

The following are the Part I crimes for the week of: November 20-26.

Duquesne Heights (1911) – Nothing to Report (NTR)

Mt. Washington (1903, 1914, 1915, 1807)

Theft from vehicle – Bertha St. & Grandview Ave. – between 11/20/17 at 8 PM and 11/21/17 at 10 AM – Victim reported her license plate (PA FVF5083) was stolen off of her vehicle.

Robbery – 300 blk. Virginia Ave. – 11/25/17 at 3:45 PM – An employee at a local business reported a robbery. The employee stated a black male (20-40 years old, 5'10", 180 pounds, wearing blue sweat pants, blue/white striped shirt, black hoodie, red cap, tennis shoes, white tee shirt, & black sunglasses) entered the business and demanded money. The suspect pulled up his hoodie exposing a firearm in his waistband. The employee then handed over the cash.

South Shore (1921)

Theft by deception – 200 blk. W. Station Square Dr. – between 8/27/17 at 9 AM and 11/4/17 at Noon – Victim explained he gave his checking account number and routing number to an employee at a local business to make a payment on his account with the company. The employee then used his information to pay the rent. The amount of loss is $6,040.

Bon Air (1806) – NTR

South Side Slopes (1706, 1608)

Burglary – 2100 blk. Salisbury St. – between 10 AM and 6:30 PM on 11/20/17 – Victims reported a residential burglary. Victims arrived home and found the home is disarray. Several items were stolen. Items stolen were 2 checkbooks, Beats headphones, perfume, Rosary, Logitech headphones, iPad mini, & a MacBook Pro. Amount of loss is $2,224.42.

Theft from vehicle – 2700 blk. Berg St. – between 11/25/17 at 8 PM and 11/26/17 at 3 PM – Victim reported items stolen from her vehicle. The items were a wallet, debit card, credit card, cash, & social account number. The amount of loss is unknown.

Theft – 100 blk. Pius St. – 11/24/17 at 5:15 PM – Victim explained she had a known person on video stealing a box of candy from her. The officers were able to contact the known person who returned the items.

South Side Flats (1609 & 1702)

Theft from vehicle – 2100 blk. Carey Way – between 11/19/17 at 8 PM and 11/20/17 at 8 AM – Victim reported a pair of Oakley sunglasses was stolen from her vehicle. The amount of loss is $185.

Theft of property lost or mislaid – 2900 blk. S. Water St. – 11/25/17 at 1:49 AM – Victim reported leaving her phone in a taxi. When she called the company the phone was not there. Amount of loss is $800 for a Samsung Galaxy 8 plus.

Burglary – 1900 blk. E. Carson St. – 11/20/17 at 3:40 AM – An employee went to open a local business and fount the door unlocked. The cash box was pried open and cash was stolen. The amount of loss is $100. There is video of the burglary.

Burglary – 1400 blk. E. Carson St. – 11/20/17 at 1:03 AM – Reporting person explained they were notified of an alarm overnight and when they opened the store found the doors were locked but footprints on the carpet. The reporting person stated $60 in cash was taken.

Stolen vehicle – S. 16th St. & Roland St. – 11/21/17 at 3:30 AM – Victim stated she returned to where she parked her vehicle and it had been stolen. The vehicle is a silver 2016 Honda Fit with PA plate KGW5477.

Burglary – 100 blk. S. 15th St. – between 12:10 AM and 4:45 AM on 11/21/17 – Victim reported hearing a noise. When he went to check he noticed his window was open. Officers observed the screen to the window was cut and removed from the window & mail was scattered. The victim reported nothing appeared to have been stolen from the home.

Theft – 1900 blk. E. Carson St. – 11/21/17 at 9 PM – Victim locked her bike (gray 2013 Cirrus bike) and when she returned it had been stolen. The bike was locked but the lock was stolen as well. Amount of loss is $520.

Robbery – Jane St. & S. 18th St. – 11/23/17 at 4:10 PM – Victim explained she was approached by a black male (5'6", medium build, & wearing a gray hoodie). The suspect told her to give him some change. When the victim said she did not have any the suspect punched her once in the mouth causing a laceration to her lip.

Aggravated assault – 1600 blk. E. Carson St. – 11/23/17 at 1:25 AM – Officers, working Southside Saturation detail, observed staff at a local bar carrying an intoxicated female out. Upon placing the female down, she punched the employee. Officers went over and advised the female she was under arrest at to place her hands behind her back. She refused. She was handcuffed after a brief struggle. When officer was gathering her information she became irate swearing and yelling at officers and pedestrians. She then began hitting her head off of the wall and sidewalk. Officers had to place their body between her and the objects for her safety. Medics tried to help her due to her level of intoxication but she refused telling them she would get them. Due to her high level of intoxication and trying to agitate pedestrians walking past her officer had to transport her to the county jail. She (Mary Brinks) refused to get into the vehicle for transport and upon officer trying to carry her she kicked the officer. She was eventually placed in the police cruiser. While being transported, she again started hitting her head off the walls of the police wagon.

Theft – 900 blk. E. Carson St. – 11/25/17 at 11:25 AM – An employee called to report a white female (about 28 years old, 5'2", heavy build, blonde hair, & blue eyes) stealing Turner milk crates. The amount of loss is $25.

Aggravated assault – 1700 blk. E. Carson St. – 11/24/17 at 2:05 AM – Victim explained he was sitting in his vehicle when he heard someone yell "get down". The victim then heard about 15 gun shots. The victim then felt one hit him in the buttocks. He drove out of the area and stopped a medic who transported him to a local hospital. The victim was in critical but stable condition. There was 4 other people in the car the victim was driving.

Allentown (1803) – NTR

Mount Oliver (1607) – NTR

Arlington (1603) – NTR

Arlington Heights (1604) – NTR

Beltzhoover (1809)

Stolen vehicle – 200 blk. Chalfont St. – between 3 PM and 7 PM on 11/21/17 - Victim stated a known person asked him to use his vehicle. He denied the request. After taking a knap, the victim discovered his vehicle had been stolen. Officers ran the known person who had multiple warrants. Officers went to an address of the known person. After a brief investigation, officers arrested the known person and another person who were involved in the stolen vehicle. Ashley Nicole McWilliams & David E. Schulter were arrested and taken to the county jail.

Theft from vehicle – Boggston Ave. & Taft Ave. – between 7:45 AM and 3:25 PM on 11/22/17 - Victim found her vehicle with the front passenger side window broken and the interior ransacked. Victim then found her battery had been stolen from her vehicle. Amount of loss is unknown.

Carrick (2901, 2902, 2904)

Stolen vehicle – 1700 Leolyn St. – 11/20/17 at 9:15 AM - 11/22/17 – Victim explained she left her car running to get warm and when she returned it had been stolen. The vehicle is a blue 2016 Hyundai Elantra with PA plate JNB2997.

Theft from vehicle – Brownsville Rd. & Laughlin Ave. – between 11/21/17 at 4 PM and 11/22/17 at 12:30 PM – Victim reported her PA license plate (GES6418) was stolen off of her vehicle.

Theft from vehicle – Redrose Ave. & E. Agnew Ave. between 5 AM and 11:15 AM on 11/23/17 – Victim reported the PA license plate (KLE1886) was stolen from the vehicle.

Criminal Trespass – 1400 blk. Amanda St. – 11/23/17 at 12:20 AM – Victim reported finding a white male (black tossel cap, black shirt, white shoes, & black pants) in her basement. He fled the scene upon the victim confronting him.

Burglary – 2200 blk. Brownsville Rd. – between 4 PM and 7 PM on 11/23/17 – Victim reported 16 cartons of cigarettes were stolen from his home. The amount of loss is $480. There was no sign of forced entry.

Overbrook (3204, 3207)

Theft from vehicle – 2300 blk. Saw Mill Run Blvd. – between 11/18/17 at 5 PM and 11/20/17 at 6:30 PM – An employee at a car dealer reported a tire was stolen off of a vehicle in their lot.

Theft – 1500 blk. Breining St. – between 2 PM and 6:30 PM on 11/23/17 – Victim reported he had a Thanksgiving party with about 20 guests. After the party, he discovered his firearm was stolen. The firearm is a Glock model 19.

St. Clair (1606) – NTR

Knoxville (3001)

Burglary – 200 blk. Moore Ave. – between 10/3/17 at 11:54 AM and 11/21/17 at 9:28 AM – Property owner reported a break-in to the property thru a window. The suspect(s) then damaged the property.

Aggravated assault – 300 blk. Reifert St. – 11/24/17 at 5:15 PM – The victim ran into a home stating he had been shot in the neck. The injury was not critical.


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