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November 7, 2017

16th Ward

Joseph Calloway to Fernando and Gulaya Pizarro at 57 Barry St. for $275,000.

Nadav Baum to Dennis Rea at 23 S. 27th St. for $300,000.

Marcus Michael Lyon et al. to Lynn Marie McAlister at 2733 Shelly St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $51,927).

17th Ward

Urban Capital Group LLC to Ann Catherine McLaughlin at 1610 Merriman Court for $375,000.

TMNL LLC to Jeffrey Barker at 136 S. 12th St. for $212,000.

Stephen Mirizio et al. to NDBROTHERS LLC at 140 S. 19th St. for $191,000.

Thomas Dymerski trustee to James McGrath at 1911 St. Paul St. for $115,800.

18th Ward

Anitra Sledge to HSBC Bank USA NA trustee at 87 Beltzhoover Ave. for $2,780 by sheriff’s deed.

19th Ward

Edward Voelker Jr. et al. to BG43 Properties LLC at 873 Boggs Ave. for $2,848,000.

Bradley Street LLP to Jerome and Paula Schmitt at 497 Bradley St. for $520,000.

Andrew Gans to Ryan Duffy at 423 Clarence St. for $154,500.

Prime 1 Enterprises Inc. to Eutaw Street Homeowners Assn. at Eutaw St. for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $6,840).

Joseph Rizzi trustee to Bryan and Violet Thompson at 303 LaBelle St. for $125,000.

John Walluk to John and Dina Punturi Scherer at 234 Olympia St. for $355,000.

James Alston Jr. to P7 Investments L.P. at 403 Simms St. for $73,000.

Erin Moore to Calli Crouse at 91 Southern Ave. for $119,900.

29th Ward

Tricia Tortoreti to LASA Rijal LLC at 1906 Brownsville Road for $111,000.

Circle C Group Homes Inc. to First National Bank Pennsylvania at 10 Carrick Ave. for $9,533 by sheriff’s deed.

Nicole Mills to Courtney Mullen at 124 Eiler Ave. for $57,500.

Estate of Frank Alsko to Rodger Alan Albright at 308 Parkfield St. for $80,000.

Alice Darling to Cheryl Downe at 116 Santron Ave. for $59,000.

30th Ward

Frank Novak Jr. to Oladipo Ogunbayo at 428 Arabella St. for $46,000.

Barbara Davie Keith trustee to Michael Henry James at 433 Rochelle St. for $13,000.

John Thomas to Jennifer Glazer at 419 Zara St. for $31,500.

Mt. Oliver

Estate of Theresa Schoppol to Timothy Connors at 112 Fulton Place for $15,000.


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