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October 31, 2017

16th Ward

Lee Shanna Cogley to MTGLQ Investors L.P. at 2025 Arlington Ave. for $4,030 by sheriff’s deed.

Linda Roach to Ralph and Sharon Hamm at 2107 Arlington Ave. for $42,000.

Steven Mitts et al. to Zachary Mullins and Madison Oliver at 2325 Berg St. for $435,000.

Michael Edward Maloney estate et al. to Melanie Pursglove at 2515 Jane St. for $160,000.

Terry Lambert to Chad Ostrosky and Melinda Sarver at 622 Rectenwald St. for $50,000.

17th Ward

Edward Everett Jr. to Arjun Mukherjee at 1808 Fox Way for $155,000.

RE 360 SS Partn. 6 L.P. to Jonathon Bibler at 1824 Fox Way for $39,000.

Garret Gibson to Sarah Williams at 1802 Harcum Way for $373,450.

Imperial Valley Properties LLC to 49 South 14 St. LLC at 49 S. 14th St. for $400,000.

Estate of Dennis Papciak to Joshua Stroup at 98 S. 15th St. for $158,000.

Kaitlin M O’Brien Roth to Philip Trombetta and Kollin Zitelli at 1742 South Shore Court for $340,000.

Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority to Brooks & Blair Southside Properties L.P. at 1816 Wharton St. for $301,000.

18th Ward

Presbyterian Church Mt. Washington to North American Mission Board Southern Ba at 213 Bailey Ave. for $500,000.

Shanda Harris to SSHT Community Partn. LLC at 618 Edgemont St. for $28,000.

Antonio Allen to PGH City Holdings LLC at 87 Industry St. for $9,500.

John Miller to Trisda Group LLC at 453-455 Kathleen St. for $130,000.

William Eichelberger III to SSHT Community Partn. LLC at 215 Millbridge St. for $14,000.

Baily Park Partn. L.P. to Baily Park Phase 3 Assoc. L.P. at 639 Science St. for $325,000.

19th Ward

James Hawk to Shane Rubbe at 402 Edith St. for $157,000.

Shane Rubbe to Lucille and Bradley Wallas at 402 Edith St. for $199,900.

Robert Raver to Justin and Elizabeth Scott at 507 509 Griffin St. for $160,000.

Melhem Abboud to Joumana Matar at 215 Jillson Ave. for $50,000.

John McGrath et al. to Anish Sukumaran at 150 LaBelle St. for $406,000.

Mary Ruth Caughey trustee to Rodman Albert Walker at 432 Natchez St. for $65,000.

First Select Holdings LLC to Key Point Real Estate LLC at 455 Norton St. for $14,500.

August Heisler II to Jeffrey and Lisa Schmigel at 15 Soffel St. for $59,000.

Estate of Geraldine Reinheimer to Three Rivers Real Estate Ventures LLC at 650 Southern Ave. for $50,000.

Daniel Wayne Douglass to William Nieder at 224 Sycamore St. for $23,000.

29th Ward

Bernard O’Connor to Paul O’Brien at 1646 Dellrose St. for $65,500.

Audrey Papp to TS Pitt LLC at 320 Horning Ave. for $12,398.

GTJ Real Estate LLC to Grandma Roses LLC at 114 Kirk Ave. for $9,000.

Matthew Taylor to South Hills Holding Co. at 133 Laughlin Ave. for $14,000.

Charlotte Debra Angert to Wayne and Darlene Lutheran at 230 Linnview Ave. for $30,000.

Ben Dror Elad Jacob to Coccaro & Assoc. Investments LLC at 224 Parkfield St. for $30,000.

Charity Chewe to NEFFCO Property Management LLC at 1130 Trost Ave. for $14,000.

30th Ward

Thuy Thi Do to Hoang & Nguyen Properties LLC at 72 Grimes Ave. for $16,000.

Anne Hanses to Micah Tozer at 102 Jucunda St. for $12,000.

Knox 107 L.P. to Alice Street Investments LLC at 107 Knox Ave. and rear for $515,000.

Mt. Oliver

Minthu Hoang to Marta C Hernandez Cortez at 139 St. Joseph St. for $50,000.


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