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October 24, 2017

16th Ward

Eugene Bronder to 412 Rentals LLC at 109 Cologne St. for $27,520.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Z & S Realty Inc. at 1501 Eleanor St. for $40,000.

Eugene Bronder to 412 Rentals LLC at 2430 Elsie St. for $19,780.

Jason Stryker to Michael and Melanie Lingenfelter at 4 Holt St. for $157,500.

Paul Watson to Miguel Artero and Judit Torrico at 413 Otillia St. for $13,500.

Frank Turzak to Steven McLuckie at 2605 Stromberg St. for $54,000.

17th Ward

Estate of John Joyce to Patricia Fitzpatrick at 162 S. 18th St. for $110,000.

Sarah Deitschel to James Kennedy at 1912 Sarah St. for $255,000.

18th Ward

Nulife Properties LLC to Ray and Gina Berrones at 114 Bailey Ave. for $383,000.

Macy Taylor to Anne Marie Mancuso and Michael Edward Waltman at 414 Bailey Ave. for $248,500.

RE 360 SS Partn. 4 L.P. to Cooperative Holdings LLC at 744 E. Warrington Ave. for $245,000.

19th Ward

Chester Belback to Chatham Village Homes Inc. at 431 Bigham St. for $105,000.

Hilltop Redevelopment LLC to Jan and John Hansen at 226 Dilworth St. for $225,000.

Donetta Belisario to Donald Rhodes III at 333 Fetzer St. for $156,000.

William Kain to James and Patricia Villanova at 348 Maple Terrace for $20,000.

Estate of Jessie Murray Jr. to Richard and Trish Fontana at 25 Muskego Way for $18,500.

29th Ward

Lamar Downer to Rania Bey at 333 Birmingham Ave. for $70,000.

William Jacobs to Antoine Stribling at 1906 Plateau St. for $76,000.

Paul Schaltenbrand to Christine Oliver at 120 Ravilla Ave. for $9,150.

Estate of Byron Meyers to Curtis Haftman at 2045 Redrose Ave. for $95,000.

AGLK Property Solutions LLC to Steven Quallich at 224 Spencer Ave. for $128,250.

30th Ward

US Bank NA trustee to Sammy Termanini at 400 Jucunda St. for $13,240.

Darren Theil to Steven Crichley at 229 Suncrest St. for $54,000.

Mt. Oliver

Eugene Bronder to 412 Rentals LLC at 115 Frederick St. for $22,360.

Eugene Bronder to 412 Rentals LLC at 171 Penn Ave. for $16,340.

Paul Chalmers to Darnell Taylor at 188 St. Joseph St. for $1,500.


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