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Zone 3 community crime alerts for Oct. 2-8


October 10, 2017

The following are the Part I crimes for the week of: Oct. 2-8.

Duquesne Heights (1911)

Theft – 100 blk. Trimont Ln – between 9/20/17 at 7 PM and 9/29/17 at 9 AM – Victim reported the theft of his 2016 black Trek hybrid bicycle. Loss is $1,940.

Theft – 300 blk. Clarence St. – 10/7/17 at 1:15 AM – Victim left her iPhone 6s in a “taxi” service and could not get the driver to return it. Amount of loss is unknown.

Mt. Washington (1903, 1914, 1915, 1807)

Theft from vehicle – 100 blk. E. Station Square Dr. – between midnight and 9:20 AM on 9/30/17 – Victim reported items stolen from her vehicle. The items were a Garmin GPS, Android charging cord, double USB plugin, Auxiliary plugin, & pocket knife. Amount of loss is over $137.

Theft – S. 18th St. & Mission St. – between 9/12/17 at 6 PM and 10/5/17 at 10:50 AM – Victim reported his black 2009 BMW 328X had been stolen with PA plate JKH3024.

Theft by deception – 100 blk. Ruth St. – between 9/30/17 at 8 AM and 10/6/17 at 5 PM – Victim was contacted by a person (suspect) through a job website about helping her with her business. The suspect sent her $2,850 check and she placed it into her account. Later, the suspect had her make checks out for $200, $300, $980, & $980. The victim then had 2 more checks sent to her which appear to be dentists. The victim believes she has lost $2,460.

Theft by extortion – 600 blk. Boggs Ave. – 10/8/17 at 11:37 AM – The victim reported taking his clothes off on a video site with a woman he met online. However, the woman told him he had to pay $15,000 or she would release the video on the internet of him exposing himself.

South Shore (1921) – Nothing to report.

Bon Air (1806)

Theft – 1200 blk. Saw Mill Run Blvd. – between 10/6/17 at noon and 10/7/17 at 9:30 AM – Victim reported several unauthorized transactions had been made from her debit card account. The amount of loss is $1,400.

South Side Slopes (1706, 1608)

Theft from vehicle – Sterling St. & Salisbury St. – 10/2/17 at 10:30 PM – Victim reported her purse was stolen from her vehicle. Items stolen were sunglasses, backpack style purse, prescription glasses, cash, wallet, and state ID. Amount of loss is over $235.

Burglary – 2600 blk. Mission St. – between 10/3/17 at 9 PM and 10/4/17 at 3 PM – Property owner reported a residential burglary. The owner reported forced entry was made into his garage and a Chicago Electric mig welder (blue) had been taken. The amount of loss is unknown.

Theft from vehicle – 400 blk. Arlington Ave. - 10/5/17 at 11:13 AM – A witness saw a white male (5’11”, thin build, blonde spiked hair, wearing black tee shirt, gray khaki shorts, white socks, and black/white shoes) break into his neighbor’s vehicle. The neighbor had papers taken from the glove box and the front passenger window had been broken out. Amount of loss is unknown.

South Side Flats (1609 & 1702)

Robbery – 2400 blk. E. Carson St. – 10/4/17 at 12:42 AM – Officers responded to a robbery of a business. Upon arrival, an employee told officers a black male (5’5”, 110 pounds, wearing a black hoodie, maroon tossel cap, black shoes, khaki pants, and Darth Vader mask) robbed the store while wielding a knife. The amount of loss is $186.

Criminal trespass – 2900 blk. Sidney St. – 10/5/17 at 5AM – Victims reported they heard knocking at their door. They then heard the electronic lock and the door began to open. The victim shoved the door closed and saw a black male wearing a black jacket with reflective sleeves walking away from the door.

Theft – 2100 blk. E. Carson St. – between 8/9/17 at 9:30 AM and 8/17/17 at noon – An owner of a local business caught an employee stealing money from a register. Amount of loss is $160.

Theft – 400 blk. S. 27th St. – 10/2/17 at 5:18 – Victim placed her Patagonia Adam sling bag on the ground while she was involved in a recreational activity. She later discovered it had been stolen. Inside the bag was her wallet, her iPhone 6, sunglasses, and 2 caribeeners. Amount of loss is over $420.

Aggravated assault – 1800 blk. Edwards Way – 10/2/17 at 3:58 AM – Officers responded to a call of a man who was stabbed. The victim had been drinking at a party and got stabbed by another male. The suspect has been identified and the investigation is on-going.

Theft – 1700 blk. E. Carson St. – 10/1/17 at 2 AM – Victim reported losing her phone with her cell phone wallet containing state ID, credit card, and insurance card. Amount of loss is over $655.

Theft – S. 18th St. & E. Carson St. – 9/4/17 at 2:12 AM – An officer lost his radio was chasing a suspect and a white male picked up the radio and never returned it. Amount of loss is unknown.

Theft by deception – 1000 blk. E. Carson St. – 9/4/17 at 3:11 PM – An employee for a business reported a delivery was made and the customer has since cancelled the payment even though delivery was made. Amount of loss is $185.

Aggravated assault – 1300 blk. Sarah St. – 10/5/17 at 2 AM – A witness saw a black male (5’9”, 160 pounds, wearing black hoodie with white letters, ripped blue jeans, and blue shoes) knocking over garbage cans and causing a disturbance. The witness yelled for the suspect to stop. The suspect challenged the witness asking him what he was going to do about it and closed in on the witness. The witness pulled out a baton only to have the suspect rip the baton out of his hand and hit the witness with the baton. The suspect then went down the street damaging other residences and their property. Amount of damage is unknown. The witness/victim received an injury to his hand and was treated by medics at the scene.

Theft by deception – 1800 blk. E. Carson St. – 10/5/17 at 12:30 PM – A “taxi” driver picked up a person who paid him with a counterfeit $20 bill.

Theft – 1100 blk. E. Carson St. – 10/5/17 at 10 PM – Victim reported his phone was stolen while he was at a local bar. The amount of loss is $600. The phone is an iPhone 7+.

Stolen vehicle – 100 blk. S. 6th St. – between10/7/17 at 9 AM and 10/8/17 at 9:39 AM – Victim reported someone stole his black 2017 Honda Ridgeline pickup. The vehicle was involved in an accident in the Knoxville area of town prior to the stolen vehicle report.

Theft – 1700 blk. E. Carson St. – 10/7/17 at 9:30 PM – Victim reported her wristlet was stolen from a local restaurant/bar. The wristlet contained her state ID, credit card, and black iPhone 5. The credit card has been used to make an unauthorized purchase. Amount of loss is unknown.

Allentown (1803)

Theft from vehicle – 400 blk. Arlington Ave. – between 9/30/17 at midnight and 10/2/17 at 12:30 PM – Victim reported the vent window was broken out on his vehicle and items were stolen from inside the vehicle. The items were Bluetooth speaker, Ray Ban sunglasses, social security information, leather wallet, and gift cards. Amount of loss is over $500.

Burglary- 600 blk. E. Warrington Ave. – between Noon and 5 PM on 10/4/17 – Victim reported a residential burglary. Victim stated she come home to her doors were damaged and her white Xbox 1 and 2 controllers were stolen. Amount of loss is $350.

Theft by deception – 700 blk. E. Warrington Ave. – 9/18/17 at 11 AM – Victim saw an iPhone 7+ on an online page for $400. He met with the seller at a local parking lot and the seller told him the phone was unlocked. He purchased the phone for $400. Later, the victim could not get the phone to work. He has contacted the seller. The seller still has not paid him for the phone.

Mount Oliver (1607) – Nothing to report.

Arlington (1603)

Burglary – 2600 blk. Elsie St. – between 8 AM and 10:50 PM – Victim reported a residential burglary. The victim came home and observed her door was open. Items were stolen from the home. The items were a HP laptop, Canon camera, and jewelry. The amount of loss is unknown.

Robbery & Aggravated assault – 2400 blk. Elsie St. – between 12:40 AM and 2:52 AM on 10/8/17 – Officers responded to a male shot. Upon arrival, a pizza delivery driver explained he was confronted by 2 black males. They took the pizza off of him and shot him in the process. The victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The cost of the pizza was $32.05.

Arlington Heights (1604)

Theft – 3000 blk. Arlington Ave. – between noon and 6:30 PM on 10/4/17 – Victim had a party at his home and one of his guests took his Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phone. Loss is $300.

Theft – 3100 blk. Cordell Pl. – 10/5/17 at 5:45 PM on 10/5/17 – Victim reported her phone was stolen from her purse when she had a seizure. The phone was an iPhone 7. Amount of loss is unknown.

Beltzhoover (1809)

Theft – 500 blk. Gearing Ave. – between 8/23/17 at 8 AM and 8/24/17 at 8 AM – Victim reported someone wrote two checks for $300. This was not authorized by the victim. The amount of loss is $600.

Carrick (2901, 2902, 2904)

Theft – 2300 blk. Brownsville Rd. – 10/3/17 at 10:20 PM – The owner reported the theft of $200 by a known person. The person has agreed to return the money.

Theft – 100 blk. Cedricton St. – 10/7/17 at 10:40 AM – Victim reported seeing a known person steal her medication. Amount of loss is unknown.

Theft – 2000 blk. Brownsville Rd. – between 9/23/17 at 8 AM and 10/7/17 at 4:55 AM – Victim reported her phone was stolen. The iphone 7 is worth $600.

Theft – 100 blk. Cedricton St. – 10/7/17 at 10:50 AM – Victim reported a known person stole her purse and the contents inside the purse. The items inside were cigarettes, cash, and 3 Port Authority Connect cards. Loss is over $157.

Robbery – 200 blk. Nobles Ln. – 10/8/17 at 6:10 PM – A known person approached the victim demanding her money and put a gun to her head and then her back. When she screamed her husband chased the actor away.

Burglary – 1700 blk. Leolyn St. – between 10/3/17 at 9 AM and 10/4/17 at 9:40 AM – Victim reported a residential burglary. Victim reported she returned home to find forced entry into her home and items were stolen. The items are a couch, washer, dryer, refrigerator, dresser, futon, twin bed, kitchen table, Sony PlayStation 3, Xbox 1, 65” TV, 55” TV, & 32”TV. Amount of loss is unknown.

Theft – 2100 blk. Brownsville Rd. – between 6/30/17 at midnight and 10/4/17 at 11:59PM – Victim reported known persons stole his 50” Magnavox smart LED TV & Phillips 40W sound bar speaker (Bluetooth). Amount of loss is $2,100.

Burglary – 2200 blk. Dellrose St. – 10/3/17 at 11 AM – Victim reported while away briefly his residence was entered and items were stolen from inside. The items are credit cards, checks, gold bracelet, gold earrings, silver coins, cash, class ring, diamond earring, and between 5 to 10 gold rings. Amount of loss is over $2,195.

Theft from vehicle – 100 blk. Stewart Ave. – between 10/3/17 at 11:30 PM and 10/4/17 at 7:30 AM – Victim reported someone had smashed his rear hatch window and stolen all of his camping, fishing, and hunting equipment. The victim had packed his vehicle the night before to go on vacation.

Overbrook (3204, 3207) – Nothing to report.

St. Clair (1606) – Nothing to report.

Knoxville (3001)

Burglary – 200 blk. Rochelle St. – between Noon and 2:15 PM on 10/5/17 – Victim reported coming home and finding her home in disarray. The window was open and items were stolen from the home. The items were PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 games, and PlayStation controllers. Amount of loss is $428.


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