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Plan eliminates parking


October 10, 2017

My husband and I attended the meeting on September 19 for the update of the 21st Street water conservation project, which will directly affect us.

We did attend the first meeting that offered the choice of four models. After leaving this meeting, all I could think was, “just when you think things can’t get any worse.”

We have lived in our home for more than 20 years and have learned to adjust to the special challenges of South Side living. Of course, parking is the never ending issue!

The planning/designing committee has determined that the stretch between Sarah and Jane streets, where we live, will have 10 parking spots. As I look out my door, there are 43 cars parked here! Whether they are parked legally or illegally (the presenters kept talking of the illegal spots), these cars, including our own need to go somewhere.

When I voiced my concern as far as not being able to park near my home after grocery shopping, I was assured by the presenters they understood. Maybe one of the presenters can assist me with the bags... Oh, that’s right, they don’t live here! I’m sure my 75-year-old parents will “understand” when they have to park who knows where when they visit.

But, the local government reps that attended assured us “they are going to take care of the parking.” Really?

Could that possibly mean the Parking Authority will actually enforce the permit parking violations? Could they possibly remove the senseless meter parking between 20th and 21st on Jane Street? One can only hope.

Well, the rain water will be conserved, which is good, the street landscape will be green, and hopefully we won’t be parking in the lot on Second Avenue and taking the shuttle over.

Michele Lavelle

South Side


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