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Last updated 9/11/2017 at 5:23pm

16th Ward

Matthew Sanders to Peter Nicholas Krembs at 6 Holt St. for $194,000.

Michelle Ung Barlas to Elizabeth and John Lawler at 130 S 22nd St. Unit 3D for $140,000.

Sara Ortenzio to Sujay Solomon at 130 S. 22nd St. for $129,000.

MTQLQ Investors L.P. to Raymond Erfort and Kristen Hogan at 128 Weber Way for $18,000.

17th Ward

Estate of James Yule to STH Development LLC at 1912 Fox Way for $50,000.

Bryan Van Alstine to NLA Real Estate Holdings LLC at 124 S. 11th St. for $360,750.

18th Ward

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Honradez Investment Group LLC at 307 Allen St. for $2,500.

Jared Johnston to Joshua and Kimberly Haugh at 213 Bon Air Ave. for $260,000.

Mt. Washington Community Development Corp. to Pittsburgh Housing Development Corp. at 111 Craighead St. for $5,000.

Val Armel to Parker Gresh at 734 Lillian St. for $22,000.

PropertySource LLC to Brandon McMillan at 66 Sylvania Ave. for $12,000.

19th Ward

Joseph Rizzi trustee to Bryan and Violet Thompson at 303 LaBelle St. for $125,000.

Estate of Gerald Andrew Darkowski to STH Development LLC at 234 Smith Way for $20,000.

Peter Bradish Jr. to Fortune Foreclosures LLC at 34 Soffel St. for $8,400.

Fortune Foreclosures LLC to Mission Real Estate Solutions LLC at 34 Soffel St. for $39,500.

Estate of Edith Perretti to Trisda Group LLC at 170 Southern Ave. for $67,214.

Vincent Parrucci to TW Holdings 9 LLC at 715 Southern Ave. for $58,000.

Christie Campbell to Daniel Campbell at 336 Virginia Ave. for $82,000.

29th Ward

Shaul Cohen to Nedsem Investments LLC at 2014 Dellrose St. for $35,500.

Michael Juarin to Steven and Amber Jones at 2321 Spokane Ave. for $126,400.

Joseph Knoerl to Noelle Wojnovich at 2506 Waterman Ave. for $74,000.

30th Ward

William Zottoli to Arlette Ambunga Idris at Bausman St. for $62,500.

Michael Raymond Druga to Brian Clark Jr. and Jennifer D Lyles Clark at 317 Orchard Place for $5,000.

Brett Rodgers to Marlex Properties LLC at 337 Rochelle St. for $7,800 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $36,708) by sheriff’s deed.

Mt. Oliver

Blue & White Investments to Charity Chewe at 115 Margaret St. for $8,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $53,130) by sheriff’s deed.


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