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Last updated 9/14/2017 at 4:42am

With the election just around the corner, ask yourself what have they done for us lately.

Still no real residential permit parking enforcement. Just now went visual (LPR) License Plate Recognition Technology. How can a vehicle park in a permit parking area for four days before getting its first ticket? Then continually park there for another two and a half weeks, with no more tickets! Really, License Plate Recognition Technology couldn’t even tell that vehicle was reported stolen!

How are they supposed to tell who really has a permit, visitors pass or a variance? We are just paying for a service that is not being provided. This is just another way to cover-up the fraud that is being committed within our government system.

Bicycle lanes for what so they can ride their bikes on the sidewalks. They don’t even follow the rules of the road. What a waste of taxpayers’ money. I’d rather see more roads being repaved instead of patched.

What about the one where they are going to pay someone 70,000? plus dollars and a 30 percent plus percentage for collecting business taxes. Why not just get the people they already employee to do their job, or isn’t there any qualified within this administration. I thought that under this administration someone was supposed to clean house, not just create jobs for more non-qualified personnel or sending the jobs to other countries.

On East Carson Street alone from 10th Street to 30th Street there are 40 empty store fronts. These closed businesses couldn’t survive the outrageous spike in rent. Especially when more people are interested in partying in one of those 39 bars in South Side instead of shopping in South Side.

Remember when voting this election day. Ask yourself, is this the kind of people we want running our city?

Broken promises, broken roads, bruised businesses and broken jobs.

Marilyn Kubiak

South Side


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