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Students reminded they are part of the South Side neighborhood


September 5, 2017

This time of the year brings a new school year and new students to the South Side and although international living is a positive characteristic of the South Side, it also has its challenges.

For many students, moving into an apartment with friends is the first time they have lived on their own, other than in a dormitory.

Duquesne University, Pitt and other local colleges do make significant effort to educate their students as to what it means to live in a city neighborhood. In addition, DU and Pitt distribute a Guide to Living on the South Side each fall and they send educational texts to the students throughout the year.

As residents, South Siders can also assist students in making the transition into the community by introducing themselves shortly after the students move in and discussing what it means to live in a neighborhood. Too often, the first meeting might be on a Friday or Saturday evening after a student party becomes too large and/or noisy. 

At the May meeting of South Watch, Tim Lewis, director of the Office of Commuter Affairs, explained how he attempts to resolve student issues once he becomes aware of any problems. It is his responsibility to gather as much information as possible - dates, times, and exactly what happened - so he can call in the students within a day or two after the incident.

Mr. Lewis discusses what it’s like for residents living in South Side and asks the students to envision their own family being subjected to disruptive behavior. He shared that it is usually apparent as to whether or not the student is comprehending the intention of the discussion or is likely to continue the behavior.

A verbal warning is given and followed up with a written warning, letting them know if he gets another complaint they will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

Mr. Lewis can be reached via email at or by phone at 412-396-6660. If the students attend school at Pitt, Dr. John Wilds, assistant vice chancellor for community relations, can be reached at or 412-624-7720. 

In the fall, the Guide to Living on the South Side will be available on the South Side Community Council website, If residents have questions related to students and unsure where to turn, they can call the council at 412-467-6735 or email at


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