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August 29, 2017

16th Ward

Keith Haynes et al. to John Young et al. and Susan Barnett et al. at 2308 E. Carson St. for $760,000.

Mary Javorsky to Oakley Way Group LLC at 2900 Orkney Way for $45,000.

STH Development LLC to Michael and Larry Stokes at 2900 Patterson St. for $45,000.

2521 Sarah Street LLC to Thomas Wagner at 2521 Sarah St. for $359,000.

Linda Cawthon Griffin trustee to Jamie Pierson and Nathan Ruggles at 432 Walde St. for $89,500.

17th Ward

Gertrude Loerlein estate et al. to Lon Shannon Wright at 1909 Baldauf St. for $39,900.

Dennis White et al. to Michael Minnock at 21 Hartford St. for $145,000.

Agile Development LLC to Roberto Castaneda and Erin Seger at 1822 Jane St. for $248,000.

John Schifano to 1912 Condo Assoc. LLC at 1912 Jane St. for $35,000.

1912 Jane Street Assoc. Inc. to 1912 Condo Assoc. LLC at 1912 Jane St. for $70,000.

Cassandra Reilly to Remie Ferreira Jr. and Randi Leigh Ferreira at 20 S. 14th St. for $350,000.

Jonathan Shepherd to Christopher Jon Barker at 123 S. 19th St. for $234,000.

United States America to Leo Grunis at 1711 Wrights Way for $242,000.

18th Ward

Sean Schemel to Jesse Arandas at 109 Haberman Ave. for $75,000.

Chanel Gallo et al. to Adam Kolcun at 49 Haberman Ave. for $130,000.

William Powell to Christopher Rider at 506 Michigan St. for $3,000.

19th Ward

Luke Miller to Shane and Miriam Wilps at 405 Natchez St. for $225,000.

Thomas Chechak to Barr Property Development Inc. at 41 Norton St. for $75,000.

29th Ward

Jamie Massung to AA Properties L.P. at 1119 Amanda Ave. for $10,000.

Derek Kuntz to Jeremy Shaw and Tyler Davis at 344 Linnview Ave. for $75,000.

Norma DeVay to Sandra Lee Abate at 115 Madeline St. for $56,000.

James Graulty to Ryan Walker and Shannon Dickerson at 349 Maytide St. for $82,500.

Sukarta As to Hazem Hazem trustee at 12 Merritt Ave. for $10,000.

Lori Welsh et al. to Leanna Malia at 360 Merritt Ave. for $103,900.

Midfirst Bank to Jason Lancia at 1715 Mt. Joseph St. for $46,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Marta Damota DeSando and Leonardo Tunon Sanjur at 115 Wynoka St. for $42,000.

Mt. Oliver

Donna Williams to James and Lisa Ann Sheehan at 652 Margaret St. for $47,132.


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